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Transcription is an expensive and niche skill-set when people consider benefits, overhead and wages of dedicated transcription sections in companies. This is why most companies prefer outsourcing their transcription requirements. New technologies in the past decade have made things easier for outsourcing.  Expert freelancers, web connections, digital recording tools and voice recognition have made transcription outsourcing a reliable option for radiology departments, business entities, law firms, medical practices and many others. 

A list of professional transcription service providers you can rely on:



By TranscribeMe Inc.

TranscribeMe, a professional language transcription services company makes audio content sharable and searchable through speech to text conversion, fast with the help of its crowdsourced platform. It delivers a service that organizations, writers, academics and conferences analyze, share, monetize and search their content. TranscribeMe specializes in providing audio transcription, product marketing feedback, meeting services, focus group transcription, writing tools, interview transcription and customer survey tools.

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By CGBiz Corporation

Scribie is a growing transcription company where people can get good quality transcripts for their interviews, videos, web seminars, meetings, etc. Scribie has evolved the transcription procedure for the web age. It has built a system that produces good quality transcripts with minimal efforts. At Scribie, the initial transcription work will be done by its certified freelancers, which will then be checked for quality by its in-house team.

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By Speechink, Inc.

Speechpad offers professional transcription Services Company which offers guaranteed results to its clients. It provides timely, effective translation and transcription services for outcomes such as lead generation, SEO, ROI, customer engagement, internal communications, captions and subtitles and global reach. Speechpad lets its clients to use transcriptions for posting discoverable, enriched content on their sites as well as other web venues. It converts recorded communications into discoverable content for its clients.

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3Play Media

By 3Play Media, Inc

3Play Media offers transcription, translation and captioning services along with video search tools and interactive scripts. It works with more than eight hundred clients from different types of businesses. It enables its clients to meeting fast-approaching deadlines as well as delivering good quality captions and transcriptions. 3Play Media helps companies with a responsive support team that cares about the efficiency and quality of its services.

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By SpeakWrite, LLC.

SpeakWrite is a technology firm offering digital documentation and human-powered transcription solutions to businesses from different types of industries. With heaps of customers, SpeakWrite offers professional transcription services. Making use a community of professional typists from across the country and intelligent software, SpeakWrite delivers completed documents within hours. It is a technology which manages the workflow to a community of expert typists and back to clients with unparalleled speed.

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Rev Transcription provides affordable and accurate video and audio transcription at reasonable prices. It takes video or audio files and transcribes them accurately and quickly. Rev Transcription’s global team of expert transcribers will complete the projects in a short time. The quality control team at the company will review as well as edit the projects of its transcribers and proofread the same for making sure that clients receive accurate transcriptions.

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By CastingWords LLC

CastingWords is a leading online transcription company that connects online transcribers with work and clients with expert transcribers. The team at CastingWords with loads of freelance editors and transcribers and an overworked algorithm caters to the transcription needs of clients. It sells transcription services in various languages and provides an array of tools for helping with orders. It produces custom transcription products for its customers and offers transcription consulting.

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Way With Words

By Way With Words Ltd

Way With Words is an established global speech-text solutions & services organization, serving tons of clients worldwide. It is committed for delivering dependable and reliable transcription services & solutions in a broad range of languages for its clients through the combination of people and technology. Way With Words looks at transformation as a procedure of possibility, ideas and excitement supported by its knowledge and driven by vision.

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By CloudFactory Limited

SpeakerText offers reliable transcription services and speeds up the processing time, whilst offering good quality video transcription. Its technology that is similar to paper shredder splits files in the ten-seconds clips prior to dispatching the same to dedicated and trained cloud workers. SpeakerText’s mission is making video and audio as malleable and navigable as text. It does it through interactive transcripts with the help of its experienced team.

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Verbal Ink

By Outskirts, Inc.

Verbal Ink offers translation services, writing services and transcription services which help its customers in sharing their stories. It is one among the leading providers of professional transcription services in the nation. In fact, the company guarantees ninety eight percent or more accuracy for users’ transcripts. No matter how specialized or complex its clients’ projects are, the transcribers at Verbal Ink are always there to help.

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By Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services

HabileData is a leader in offering one hundred percent reliable human-generated transcripts. It has captioned and transcribed tons of minutes of video and audio for professionals, academic industries, media industry, legal services and general businesses. With a dedicated community of expert transcribers and advanced tools, HabileData is able to deliver accurate outputs for complicated projects consisting of various vocabulary, speech patterns and accents, while specializing in several other services.

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AccuTran Global is an established full-service transcription company offering services to customers across the planet. With its network experienced editors and transcribers, it acts as a reliable and proven partner for the transcription needs of its clients. AccuTran Global’s high accuracy level and capability for meeting tight deadlines make it an ideal choice for outsourcing projects. No matter what clients’ requirements are, the company takes pride in meeting their needs.

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GMR Transcription

By GMR Transcription Services, Inc.

GMR Transcription is a leading provider of transcription services in a range of languages, proofreading, editing and interpretation. It employs only native transcribers and servers more than nine thousand clients that include Chevron and AT&T. The company assures high level of accuracy on all audio files, confidential, secure processes and competitive pricing. The helpful staff and quick TAT have allowed the company to be a leader in the market.

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By cielo24 Inc.

Cielo24 offers professionals solutions for optimizing video data and making video searchable. The searchable captions and media data technology from Cielo24 give users a total text-based database of their media for unleashing its potential. It helps its clients by making videos accessible to ESL viewers. Cielo24 also provides subtitling services that power the video search in various languages. The company specializes in news media, transcripts, searchable captions and others.

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By CrowdSource Solutions, Inc.

Transcribe offers accurate, affordable and fast transcriptions services for fulfilling the transcription needs of its clients. its team of US-based transcribers is completely dedicated for providing high quality video-to-text and speech-to-text transcriptions. No matter how many speakers are talking, Transcribe makes sure that the clients get precise results on both large and small jobs. It has the ability for delivering projects as frequently and soon as clients require them.

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TranscriptionPuppy is a professional language transcription service company that helps users who want their digital files transcribed accurately and quickly at affordable rates. It delivers transcripts with two business day at cost-effective rates. Several clients rely on TranscriptionPuppy as a result of its team which has undergone precise testing and several years of transcription experience. the company assigns 2 experts to each project for high levels of accuracy.

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Scribe4you offers a complete range of online transcription services across medical, business, general and legal domains. It provides productivity improvement tools for professionals from different types of businesses. It provides several options such as wed, email, dial in dictate and FTP for submitting dictations as well as other files. Scribe4you lets its clients to increase their productivity while decreasing the costs by making use of its documentation services.

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Transcription Star is a reliable transcription service firm which offers accurate transcription services for all types of videos and audios. It works with media entities and business professionals across the country. it also offers low cost and quick TAT through professional services. The company specializes in offering transcription services for interviews, market research, business, media, dissertation, church, along with video and audio.

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Focus Forward

By Focus Forward, LLC

Focus Forward is a reliable source for open-end coding, digital document, translation and transcription services. It handles numerous focuses whether clients need transcription service for legal, financial, medical, businesses, market research, entertainment or education. It provides its clients with quality transcripts and industry-leading TAT. Moreover, Focus Forward bills its clients based on the length of the media and not on aspects like accents, technical terminology and difficult audio.

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Amazing Transcript


Amazing Transcript, a reputable transcription service company provides services all 24 hours in a day. Be it a regular transcription or an emergency need, it ensures timely delivery of projects. Amazing Transcript also makes sure that it maintains high quality no matter what. It helps clients who are in need for affordable transcription services. It specializes in providing radio transcription, verbal transcription and digital transcription services along with others.

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Anytranscription offers professional transcription services for different industries. It offers transcription services in more than 20 languages. Any organizations, individuals and businesses can benefit from Anytranscription’s online services, as the company provides value added services to its clients from across the planet. It makes speech-to-text easier and faster online as well as combines human-powered review, internet technology and transcription software for ensuring reliable transcript quality.

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VIVA Transcription

By VIVA Transcription Corporation

VIVA Transcription is a leading provider of medical transcription. With VIVA in place, medical professionals will be able to get timely delivery of accurate transcripts which are HIPAA standards compliant and secured by GeoTrust. The company needs no long-term contracts, complex software installation or upfront fees. It is committed for providing exceptional transcriptional services to hospitals and clinics whilst donating a part of proceeds to charity.

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