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Finding the right localization and translation service providers is the ideal way for expanding businesses globally. There are also individuals who require translation services and they can benefit by hiring the right translation agency. If people deal with international businesses, then they would need the help of professional translation companies when it comes to success and expansion.

Here is a list of a few translation agencies that business owners might want to give a shot at:

Babylon Professional Translation makes it very easy got getting perfect human translation. It allows users to simple submit their requests in the websites and it will select the right experts for their projects. When their projects are ready, it will be sent to them for approval after review. Babylon offers guaranteed translations by experienced and professional translators. It helps users with both business and personal translation services.

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By Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Lionbridge is a leading professional language translation services agency which offers industry-leading localization and translation services as well as high scalable marketing solutions. It helps businesses in achieving success through the most sophisticated and largest network of experienced translators and excellent customer service. Lionbridge also offers solutions for customer support, technical writing, advertising campaign management and product testing services. Through its unparalleled experience, Lionbridge produces results.

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By Translated s.r.l.

Translated offers good quality human translation by exploiting technology, whilst reducing its cost and turnaround time. Since its beginning, Translated has more than 150,000 experienced translators serving a wide range of happy customers. Translated offers guaranteed quick delivery, cost and quality to its customers. It always stands apart from its competitors because of its ability for incorporating technology in to translation process, while facilitating its clients’ businesses’ internationalization.

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One Hour Translation

By One Hour Translation Ltd

One Hour Translation is a certified translation service provider that has several thousands of customers and more than 10000 experienced translation experts from across the world. The agency provides excellent quality translation services in a fast manner with the help of the professional translators who are available throughout. One Hour Translation guarantee high-quality services by reviewing each & every job that is done by the translators.

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By Gengo, Inc.

Gengo is a global translation company that offers people-powered translation services. Businesses and individuals from across the planet will be able for ordering translations from over 15, 000 translators. With translators from different locations and more than thirty five languages, Gengo offer excellent turnaround times no matters when customers place their order. Gengo lets its expert translators to work on translation orders within minutes from the time order placed.

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By TextMaster S.A.

TextMaster, a leading document translation services provider helps businesses in terms of content writing, professional translation and proofreading services done by native speakers from different parts of the world. It is trusted by thousands of customers for delivering quality services. TextMaster allows users for accessing its services through multiple platforms of its website. It lets the users to signup, place order and receive their translation within some simple steps.

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By OnTheGoSystems Inc.

ICanLocalize is one of the leading localization and translation services providers which have the capability for translating WordPress websites accurately and easily, it offers people convenient, accurate and affordable translation services for their websites. Also, ICanLocalize translates a lot of Android and iPhone applications every week. The experienced translators at the company provide its clients with site translation, software localization, Multilingual SEO, general translation, instant translation and more.

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By Kwintessential Ltd

Kwintessential is a leading localization and translation service agency that helps businesses to be successful in multilingual, culturally diverse and international marketplace. It helps various clients in overcoming difficulties of communication among different languages. It also enables the clients for using localization and translation services for strengthening their offers in the marketplace and reaching their customers and clients with relevant, culturally aware and persuasive language.

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By TransPerfect Translations International Inc.

Transperfect offers professional translation services with exceptional client service and unmatched quality in the industry. As a leading service provider, Transperfect makes use of a network professional translators and quality managers for ensuring that the translation jobs are delivered with unparalleled quality. It offers various levels of services depending on clients’ requirements. It follows a 3-step process where the all the jobs will go through translators, editors and proofreaders.

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By TransPerfect Translations International Inc., a leading translation and language services provider, with a community of more than five thousand language experts offers best-in-class translation services. It offers high-quality translation services with the help of recognized experts and native speakers who are accredited by some of well known organizations in the industry. divides its departments into different groups based in their subject matter expertise for facing even the toughest business challenges.

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By Unbabel, Inc

Unbabel, a reputed translation company enables trustworthy, flawless written communication in various languages. It combines a network of freelance translators and bilinguals with a novel approach which in turn leads to high quality translations. Moreover, Unbabel allows its clients to have peace of mind whist communicating in their native languages with people from other countries for making sure that languages don’t hinder their business performance.

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By tolingo GmbH

Tolingo a web translation network which offers exceptional document translation services round the clock by uniting innovative technology, expertise and creativity. With the team of more than 2,500 experienced translators, Tolingo translates any type of text at anytime. It provides services without paperwork and long wait. Tolingo also provides customers with an online calculator with which they will be able to generate a quote for translation services.

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STAR Technology Solutions

By Key Performances Solutions Ltd

STAR Technology Solutions is one among the leading certified translation services provider in the world. It helps companies in doing international business by offering unmatched quality services for marketing departments and publications. It delivers translation services to customers in several areas such as engineering, automotive, government, ecommerce and more. With more than nine hundred employees from across the world, STAR has a presence almost everywhere.

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Translatorsbase, a reputed translation services company empowers translation agencies and translators with the tools for succeeding in managing and marketing translation services. Its platform, is a marketplace which allows translators for creating their online presence, applying for work, collaborating and sharing their knowledge. The platform is designed particularly for translation agencies and translators. It matches translators with individuals and companies who require their skills.

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By VerbalizeIt Inc.

VerbalizeIt influences technology for enabling consumers and businesses for accessing a global community of experienced language translators. It empowers organizations for seizing global business opportunities as well as deepening their customer engagement. Also, VerbalizeIt helps travelers in navigating language barriers in foreign countries. The services from VerbalizeIt include mobile and website localization, document translation, audio and video subtitling and more. In simple, it enables better communication for individuals and businesses.

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By Polilingua Ltd.

PoliLingua offers managed language, translation and localization solutions for clients of different sizes like private, corporate and government sectors. The project management teams at PoliLingua deliver a friendly and professional services and great understanding of requirements of projects. It also respects and values clients’ budgets and deadlines. Moreover, PoliLingua offers free quotes for user manuals, sites, localization projects and any document. It helps companies from different types of industries.

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By Moravia IT s.r.o.

With reliable delivery and flexible thinking as its basic principles, Moravia, an experienced translation service company offers multilingual translation services for leading life sciences & IT clients. The talented teams at Moravia bring great solutions to its clients for meeting the challenging demands. Moravia also enables the clients for transforming their products and markets in to its future ideas. It stands as a robust globalization solution provider to clients.

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Straker Translations

By Straker Europe Limited

Straker Translations revolutionizes the industry by providing cost effective, faster and easier translations with its sophisticated translation platform and unique translation model. With various locations around the world, it offers 24 / 7 support and global coverage to the clients. Straker Translations can help any business that finds its existing translation service provider expensive and slow. The agency specializes in game localization, Indesign translation, website translation, legal translation and more.

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Day Translations

By Day Translations, Inc

Day Translations is a leading translation services agency which provides accurate translation services to companies across the world. It helps businesses by offering translation services for major languages of the world, with the help of the team of experienced translators. Day Translations offers medical translation, legal translation, technical translation, document translation and more. Moreover, the company provides companies and individuals with certified translation services for any language.

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By Lingo24 Ltd.

Lingo24, a leading document translation services provider, makes official transactions easy and simple. It believes in supporting its clients’ global ambitions with trouble-free localization services. It helps businesses with cost-effective translation services for managing data securely and streamlining processes. It lets its customers to have control over the translation services and quality. With thousands of native-speaking, professional translators from across the world, Lingo24 offers round the clock services and support. Lingo24 is also a professional localization platform provider can make the business translation pretty simple. It supports its clients’ international objectives with trouble-free localization services. It also helps users in reducing overall translation cost by offering technology services for managing data and streamlining processes. The company gives its users the control over translation projects and offers exceptional services through its global team consisting of more than four thousand experienced language experts.

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By Lingotek, Inc.

Lingotek, a professional translation services network based in Utah, helps businesses in creation as well as management of content inside their applications. The solution from Lingotek leverages technology, people and process. It has unmatched expertise in software, web content and document localization. The company employs a proven localization and translation process. Lingotek combines this with its translation management system for empowering businesses for engaging global customers.

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Accredited Language Services

By Accredited Language Services

Accredited Language Services or ALS provides companies with range of language projects such as legal documents translation and complex multilingual translation services. The professional editors and linguists at Accredited Language Services is well known for providing accurate, reliable interpreting, transcription and translation for medical, legal, financial, business, advertising and technical documents. The company also offers complete multimedia services that include subtitles, recording, transcription, post-production and voiceovers.

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Today Translations

By Today Translations Ltd

Today Translations is a leading certified translation services agency offering high-quality document translation services with the team that comprises of more than 2,500 vetted and highly-experienced advisors and linguists which serves customers across the globe. Combining professional interpreting and translation services with unmatched expertise in legal, energy, financial services and media sectors, Today Translations assists global companies in reducing operational costs and communicating more effectively.

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By ALTA Language Services, Inc.

ALTA offers comprehensive translation services in over one hundred languages. It provides translation software, website localization, desktop publishing, subtitling, voice talent and video captioning services. ALTA has an ISO certified quality management system and more the 2500 linguists and thirty years of industry experience. ALTA makes use of professional-grade translators for providing translation services to its clients. The company carefully pairs its clients’ text to0 translators with suitable background.

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By LanguageLine Solutions, Inc.

LanguageLine Solutions, a leading translation service company offering ground-breaking language access solutions, offers the best quality on-the-phone, onsite interpreting, localization and translation services along with bilingual and interpreter staff assessment and training services to companies around the world. The company is trusted by over twenty five thousand clients for enabling their communication with people who have limited proficiency in the English Language or hearing problems.

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By Translatemedia Limited

TranslateMedia is a professional international marketing and language translation agency. With a team consisting of more than seven thousand experienced professionals, it offers translation services for over ninety languages. The agency serves client from different types of industries, whilst primarily focusing on retail and ecommerce sectors. TranslateMedia specializes in document translation, web content translation, international Search Engine Optimization, social media management and monitoring and remarketing services.

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K International

By K International Ltd

K International provides excellent language translation services to business worldwide. It has a global team of copywriters, designers, translators and interpreters who successfully translate tons of documents for large corporations and the government. K International also offers voiceovers in various languages for DVD presentations and projects. The agency has specialties in the areas such as accessibility services, telephone interpretation, multilingual translation, interpretation, localization and more.

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Capita offers interpreting and translation services for businesses for protecting and enhancing their brands. It is a reputed provider of translation and language services. It assures companies that both their spoken and written words across various media allow them for confidently communicating with their customers across the world. Capita is trusted by leading private and public sector companies for providing cost-effective, accurate and timely services in over 150 languages.

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Trusted Translations

By Trusted Translations, Inc.

Trusted Translations is a globally recognized translation service company which provides excellent English to Spanish Translation services with a team comprising of more than ten thousand translators. Several non-profit organizations, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies from across the world trust Trusted Translations for its unparalleled translation services. Being a full-service translation services provider, the company translates to & from more than two hundred languages.

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Fliplingo, a certified document translation service provide helps people to be social in various languages with the help of human translators. It is a reliable translation service that lets companies manage multilingual businesses. Fliplingo is designed for providing high-quality translation services to clients. Also, it helps people in saving their time and becoming global. It provides the fastest way for getting translation jobs done on Buffer, Twitter and Facebook.

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Language Scientific

By Language Scientific, Inc.

Language Scientific is a reputed document translation & localization agency that specializes in offering technical, engineering and medical translation services in numerous languages from America, Europe and Asia. As a result of the company’s focus, client-centered attitude and excellent management standards, Language Scientific has earned the trust of tons of companies worldwide. Linguistic validation, technical translation, multimedia localization, e-learning localization, cognitive debriefing & software localization are some of its specialties.

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By Sajan, Inc.

Sajan is one of the leading translation companies that offer translation & localization services to business around the globe. It acts a partner and a valuable member of its client’s teams for helping them in meeting their business goals though excellent quality timely deliverables. It covers almost all content types and languages and has expertise in numerous verticals ranging from consumer brands to life sciences.

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By DoInspire Ltd

Tomedes, a well-known name in the localization & translation industry offers unmatched document translation services for international companies and small businesses. It is a team of experts who believe in fairness and service. The company offers translation by expert human translators and offers 24 / 7 support to its clients. Tomedes specializes in providing its clients with translation services, copywriting, language translation and technical writing services.

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Certified Languages International

By Certified Languages International, LLC

Certified Languages International or CLI is a language company which provides its customers with document translation and on-the-phone interpreter services. With an ever-growing list of more than two hundred languages, it is one among the largest service providers in the industry. The professional language experts at CLI have the expertise for helping companies in maximizing their value and increasing the revenue of their non-English customers.

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Global Voices

By Global Voices Ltd

Global Voices is a global certified translation services company that provides excellent service and great levels of quality to its clients. It works with more than three thousand experienced linguists from different parts of the world for providing excellent services. It supplies interpretation, localizations and translation services across several countries. Also, Global Voices has proven expertise and specialist knowledge in offering translation services for numerous sectors.

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Rosetta Translation

By Rosetta Translation Limited

Rosetta Translation offers a complete array of translation services for business worldwide. It specializes in translating commercial and business text to the utmost standard. Rosetta Translation guarantees consistent quality in its services by assigning the translation jobs to the most suitable expert teams experienced and qualified translators, editors & proofreaders. Rosetta Translation is well known for offering financial translation, medical translation and business translation services.

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Pro Translating

By ProTranslating, Inc.

Pro Translating, a reputed translation agency helps business by handling translation projects of any scope, language or size. It is a vibrant community of more than one hundred and fifty in-house language experts who work an alliance of editors, localization specialists, interpreters, proofreaders and translators from across the planet. Pro Translating’s network ensures precision and clarity of every word on which its name is put.

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Argos Multilingual

By Argos Translations Sp. z o.o

Argos Multilingual, a professional document translation services company which has over eighteen years of experience, offering services to clients from different types of industries. Argos Multilingual’s business depends on technology agnostic, quality at source and partnership approach. Argos pre-selects teams for providing its clients with the most accurate and best translation services. These teams will remain with the clients to learn & adapt to their requirements for maintaining consistent accuracy.

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RWS Group

By RWS Group Limited

RWS Group, an established commercial translation and patent translations services provider offers high-quality services to businesses. it helps businesses from various industries like defense, telecom, medical, legal, insurance, aerospace, chemical, automotive and more. The specialist staff revisers and translators with high caliber and experience in serving several verticals offer unequalled translation services to the clients. The customizable workflow at RWS Group ensures streamlined and cost effective services.

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By Bubbles Translation Services Limited

Bubbles is a leading translation agency that helps leading brands in growing their international sales. Its team of technical and commercial translation experts helps businesses by facing any kind of challenge. It supports every translation by its guaranteed design production and quality assurance services if needed. The agency excels in offering technical translation, press release translation, brochure translation, Email translation, website translation and many more services.

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Translation Services24

By Translation Services 24

Translation Services24 is an interpreting and translation service company creating efficient solutions for companies worldwide. It helps clients in operating in foreign markets and accessing new audiences regardless of the location. The core values of reliability, excellence and efficiency of Translation Services24 are incorporated in every stage of its business and the same are complemented by its team of highly skilled language experts and project managers.

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Comtec Translations

By Comtec Translations

Comtec is a 30 years old translation service company offering many translation services including marketing translation, legal translation, software locatization, interpreting, voiceover and sub titling related services. They offer translation service in more than 200 languages followed with their rigorous quality procedures. The company have many leading international businesses working with them since more than 20 years.

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GTS Translation offers professional translation services and have been in business for over 15 years. The company works with some of the world's leading companies. The company's quality policy is also certified as compliant with certificates such as ISO 9001:2008 as well as EN 15038 standards. They offer fast service at very competitive prices. You can ask for an online quote on their official website in few clicks and complete you payment by credit card or Paypal if you want to order their services.

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GlobalizeIt is a cloud-based globalization platform for websites. With GlobalizeIt, your website become editable. Translators, editors and designers collaborate together to translate the text directly inline on the page and visually manipulate images and segments for target markets. Then the changes can be published live instantly. It also handles dates, numbers, currency conversions, ongoing releases, and much more. With GlobalizeIt you can go live in days - with no programmer involvement.

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We believe that translation is needed for people to communicate, not machines. While most translation services are moving towards machine translation, we find that only human translation provides the nuances and the true meaning that needs to be conveyed. As we rely on human translation, we ensure accuracy and speed only by dividing the work between translators.

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