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Visual Effects are the processes used to create imaginary effects around a live action shot. These effects are used in films and videos to add special effects and motion graphics to various scenes. VFX software enables artists to design effective and stunning effects, 3D animation, graphics and visuals easily using an interactive platform. There are available hundreds of VFX and motion graphical applications used by film and media industry on daily basis. Choose right software that suits your needs and offers compatibility.

Here are some most popular VFX applications used by leading film makers and artists.



By FXHOME Limited

HitFilm is 3D & VFX and editing software used by filmmakers to design visual effects for their films, music videos and documentaries. HitFilm editor is featured with several advanced tools including integrated 3D compositing, intuitive trimmer and effective media organization. The software allows creation of digital scenes, redesigning of scenes with advanced 3D compositing and 3D objects rendering. It also supports many plugins, effects, many formats, and much more.

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Media Composer

By Avid Technology, Inc.

Media Composer is professional video and film editing software bundled with hundreds of effects and transitions to enhance the quality of productions. The software is suitable for many industries including, television, film making, broadcasting, and live streaming media. Media Composer is designed to handle large media files and to deliver high-resolution and HD media. It also supports remote editing and creation through the cloud.

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After Effects

By Adobe Systems Incorporated

After Effects visual effects software is used by many leading industries to create stunning motion graphics and VFX (Visual Effects). The software lets users create any high to supreme quality graphics and looks on a desktop as well as on a mobile device. In addition, it also allows integration with other adobe applications installed in your device. After Effects application also enables you to capture inspiration anywhere and to create rich motion graphics later.

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By Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd.

Fusion by Backmagic Design is visual effects (VFX) and motion graphics compositing software used by visual effects artists, motion graphic designers, broadcast media and 3D animators to create and edit interactive VFX applications. Fusion’s simple yet powerful node based interface allows users to construct complex visual effects in the easiest way possible. 3D compositing gives you the power to combine 3D models, cameras, lights, volumetric effects, live action, 3D particles and images into one application.

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By Wondershare Software

Filmora video editor is used to create powerful videos with a modern and intuitive user interface featured with several designing & editing tools. Filmora editor allows users to create custom animated messages using inbuilt text & titles library, add any music to their videos, enhance the movie quality using overlays & filters, and add still & motion graphics to videos. Other features include media, music & text integration, filters & overlays, transitions, split screen and more.

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By Autodesk Inc.

Smoke is a powerful video effects management tool for Mac platform used for creating 3D visual effects. Smoke video effects software allows users to edit videos to add interactive visual effects using inbuilt effects tools. Some of its features include node-based compositing tools for 3D visual effects, video editing timeline FX, video editing workflows, 3D tracking, matchbox timeline FX, sparks compatibility, 3D text and geometry, 3D workflow with Maya, powerful compositing, dual monitor support, etc.

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By Autodesk Inc.

Flame is 3D visual effects software featured with tools for creating interactive visual effects, advanced graphics, conform, visual fx, compositing, color grading and editorials. The software package includes the latest released software, maintenance subscription, software updates, flexible licensing, extensions, and technical support. Various features offered by Flame include look development and color management tools, context-based flame desktop workflow, better interactivity, planar tracking, batch improvements, post-production management, and more.

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By NaN Holding B.V

Blender is a free, open-source 3D software and VFX application, created, used and managed by thousands of VFX experts, artists, professionals, students, animators, scientists, game artists, and more people around the world. The built-in Cycles Photorealistic rendering engine offers GPU & CPU rendering, HDR lighting support, real time viewport preview, and more. Other features include fast modeling, realistic materials, fast rigging, animation toolset, sculpting, fast UV unwrapping, etc.

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Red Giant Effects Suite is fully-featured VFX software, allowing users to create professional visual effects and motion graphics. It is bundled with several visual effects and motion graphics tools to help users with the process of creating amazing 3D applications. Some of these tools include 3D lens flares, Cleanup tools for keying solutions, Toonit to create cartoon, comic and painting effects, Holomatrix for creating sci-fi holograms, and many more.

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By Foundry Visionmongers Limited

Nuke is a powerful node-based editorial, finishing and VFX tool designed to deliver interactive visual effects, animation, 3D, paints and motion graphics. The software is featured with many plugins and inbuilt tools aimed at making the visual designing process easier and faster. Some of Nuke features include 2D & 3D format support, 2D tracker, 32-bit floating point color channels, 3D workspace, asset management, blink script, curve editor, and more.

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By Pixologic, Inc.

ZBrush from pixologic is a digital sculpting and painting solution used by digital artists to create 3D applications and graphics. ZBrush’s powerful yet intuitive interface is equipped with several advanced sculpting and designing tools, making it easier for artists to carve unlimited polygons. Other features include support for 3D models, 2.5D Pixols and 2D images, lighting and atmospheric effects for rendering, 3D printing, easy export, etc.

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MotionStudio 3D is animation and effect creation software that allows users to make epic movies with custom 3D titles, 3D animation and stunning visual effects. The software comes bundled with many easy-to-use tools for creating animated titles & text, effects, real-time 3D graphics, motion blur, 3D particles and much more. Its key features include output in multiple formats, inbuilt 3D titles & animations, intuitive interface, realistic motion blur, high-speed preview, etc.

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Houdini FX

By Side Effects Software Inc.

Houdini FX is a 3D and VFX program used by artists to add powerful 3D animation and visual effects in movies, video games or commercials. It features a very interactive and easy-to-use interface that allows fast and flexible content creation with node-based workflow. With its particle and dynamics environment and powerful toolset, Houdini FX is ideal for the creation of any visual effects, animation, lightning, and procedural modeling.

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Final Effects Complete is VFX software used to create motion graphics, visual effects, 3D particle animations and more. Among many features, one is the BCC Beat Reactor that allows effect animation to the sound of music. Other features include vector blur, glass, 3D relief, kaleida, integrated pixel chooser for masking, auto-animating transitions, text and edge treatments, lighting, distortion and 3D filters, 3D particle effects, and many more.

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By GenArts, Inc.

Sapphire is a visual effects suite used in various industries including broadcasting, films and advertising. With hundreds of inbuilt effects and transitions, Sapphire makes it easy to build realistic effects, creative visuals and motion graphics. Its advanced functionality allows easy controlling and scaling the magnitude of an effect. The software is compatible with many leading VFX applications and is integrated with many inbuilt tools to help creating the best effects.

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Natron is free, open-source, cross-platform nodal and composing software used by studios, artists, developers and scientists to create visual effects. Some of Natron applications and features include OpenColorIO library for colorspace management, multiple file formats including EXR, JPG, PNG, DPX,TIFF and more, multi-tasking, inbuilt bug recovery, support to many open-source OpenFX plugins and commercial OpenFX plugins, fast & interactive viewer, intuitive user interface, real-time feedback, and many more.

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By Next Limit, S.L.

RealFlow is a professional fluid simulation and 3D software used to recreate ocean, waves, splashes and other fluid effects. RealFlow is suitable for large-scale simulations including floods or oceans, medium-large scale simulations with smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH), small to medium ocean surfaces, and body dynamics with caronte. The software is compatible with many third-party applications including Cinema 4D, LightWave, MAYA, 3DS MAX, SOFTIMAGE, Houdini 3D animation, etc.

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SpeedTree Cinema is a powerful special effects software system used to create special visual effects and motion graphics in films and videos. The software has been featured in many popular Hollywood films and has been a receipt of sci-tech academy award. SpeedTree specializes in tree modeling and vegetation, allowing users to create exactly the trees they want with a unique hand modeling approach. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Massive Prime

By Massive Software

Massive Prime is a complete 3D animation and visual effects solution used for rendering, authoring and directing effects. Massive Prime’s intuitive node based interface allows users to create interactive visual effects agents. It also features brain editor toolset to allow building custom responses, motion tree workflow & action editor to allow linking motion captured animations to the brain, smart stunts, cloth editor, and massive velocity.

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particleIllusion is special effects and animation rendering software used to create water effects, smoke effects, fire effects, cloud effects and animation. particleIllusion allows easy and fast creation of visual fx and motion graphics with its wide range of tools and products. The software is compatible with many leading third-party animation and VFX applications, and is available for Windows and Mac based systems.

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By SilhouetteFX, LLC

Silhouette is a standard visual effects system used in post-production of visual effects and motion graphics. With its wide range of applications and tools, Silhouette makes the effects, graphics and 3D rendering process easier. Some features and tools offered by Silhouette include stereoscopic workflow, rotoscoping, warping, morphing, non-destructive paint, S3D node 2D-3D conversion tools, keying, matting, variable edge softness, realistic motion blur, integrated motion tracking, 2D paint system, etc.

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SGO Mistika

By Soluciones Gráficas por Ordenador, S.L.

Mistika from SGO is a powerful vfx and effect rendering suite used for trailers, feature films, commercials, tv episodes, news & sports and other industries. The software has been optimized to work within any environment including, editorial, online, onset, vfx, finishing, colour grading and more. Some of Mistika features include real-time colour grading, in finites grading, advanced camera support, instant primaries & creative secondaries, shape isolation, image tracking, optical flow, colour mixing, etc.

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