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A business video hosting platform is an online video hosting service provider used by businesses and individuals to host and showcase their personal and business videos online. Videos are generally used by companies and people to market their products, business, services or a talent. Video Hosting Servers provide your videos a proper hosting place as well as the opportunity to showcase these videos to millions of audience available on the internet. Video marketing is one of the most popular online marketing mechanisms.

Looking for a Video hosting service? Here are some nice options you can choose from.

Vimeo Pro is a very popular video hosting platform providing hosting services for business videos and personal videos. In addition to uploading and managing of videos, Vimeo also allows businesses to showcase their videos through an HD player. Being a popular video website, Vimeo ensures worldwide reach and views on your videos. Advanced Statistics allow companies to check the performance of their uploaded videos and traffic sources.

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By Wistia, Inc.

Wistia online video hosting service provides professional video hosting along with analytics and marketing tools for businesses. Wistia business video hosting allows clients to upload their business videos through their account, showcase videos on their business profiles in HD format, track views and traffic sources through viewer analytics, and promote these videos to potential and existing customers through inbuilt marketing tools. Other features include email marketing, video heatmaps & trends, easy embedding & sharing and more.

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By TechSmith Corporation is an online document hosting and sharing platform used to store and share videos, images and documents on the internet. Top three features offered by include showing exactly what users upload, giving users complete control over their content and giving them ability to restrict content viewers. In addition to videos and images, users can also upload their design or development projects for feedback, sales videos, etc.

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JW Platform

By Longtail Ad Solutions, Inc.

JW Platform is a video hosting and streaming platform that allows publishers to streamline their videos online and to showcase them using JW player. In addition to all features of the player, JW Platform also supports transcoding and delivery services to better the streaming process. Some remarkable features include drag & drop uploading, visual analytics, point & click publishing, easy share & syndicate, unlimited integration support, fast uploads, easy-to-use dashboard, etc

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Video Cloud

By Brightcove Inc.

Video Cloud from Brightcrove is a cloud based video uploading and hosting platform. It allows individuals and businesses to deliver and showcase high quality videos online. Video Cloud is featured with several tools to make video publishing a nicer experience. Some of these tools include ingest & transcoding, content management, HTML5 videos, advertising, fast delivery, live streaming, social sharing, hybrid digital tv, analytics and players & styling.

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Cincopa is a complete business video hosting solution that lets businesses upload and manage their videos online. The platform is completely secured and featured with several tools to ensure high performance always. Some of its features include ads free videos, full privacy, fully scalable & easily customizable, HTML5 support, no technical knowledge required, mobile compatibility, multiple video player skins, easy and fast video upload, easy sharing and embedding of videos, etc.

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Kaltura is an online cloud based video hosting platform that lets its users easily deploy videos of any size. Kaltura video platform is equipped with many features to ensure high performance videos with the aim to increase audience and revenue for clients. Some of platform features include API and automation tools, open source community, flexible and collaborative platform, real-time streaming servers, distributed batch architecture, multiple integrations and DevOps tools, etc.

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By Ooyala, Inc.

Ooyala online video platform has been optimized with features and data to help businesses make smarter video distribution and monetization decisions. In addition to providing full video upload and management support, Ooyala also offers complete marketing and promotion strategies by making smarter content and programming decisions. Other features include insights in results, Ooyala IQ for advanced video analytics, programming manager, live cloud-based solutions and more.

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By vzaar Limited

Vzaar is a video hosting server for business, elearning, publishers, ecommerce, and for everyone else. It allows users to upload videos, and provides services to deliver them through a quick, secure and reliable medium. Video features allow users to modify and optimize their videos for the best performance. Security tools make sure complete video and content security for users. The platform is easy-to-use and can be used by anyone even without technical background.

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By Buildscale Inc.

Vidyard is not just a video hosting platform, but it is a complete video hosting, marketing and earning solution. Users can easily upload their videos, and learn to engage and convert buyers in a few simple steps. Marketing automation and CRM tools give users complete data about their video views and viewers with the aim to generate more revenue. In addition to this, Vidyard also supports multiple integrations for enhanced performance.

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By Viddler, Inc.

Viddler is a video hosting platform designed mainly for learning and training based videos. Viddler allows trainers, experts, consultants and professionals to upload their learning videos and earn through these videos. The platform offers complete learning solutions to students and learners through learning based video player, video learning hub and video e-store, while giving learning professionals an opportunity to make money through their video content.

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Orchestrate Video

By Limelight Networks, Inc.

Orchestrate Video from Limelight Networks is a video hosting, management and delivery platform that allows businesses and individuals to upload their video content and manage them online. It also delivers and broadcasts live, optimized and on-demand videos for audience on all devices. Orchestrate’s powerful cloud-based video delivery and management suite solves all video formatting and compatibility problems to make videos accessible on any device, anywhere in the world.

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DaCast is a complete video hosting and management solution giving you complete control of your online video content. Services offered through DaCast include live video streaming, video hosting and a video player supported by all devices. DaCast is an obvious video hosting choice because of many features including, easy and fast platform, live and on-demand broadcasting support, no contracts, video earning, no geographic limitations, easy setup, sharing and embedding, etc.

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By SproutVideo LLC

SproutVideo offers powerful, affordable and easy to use video hosting solutions to businesses and individuals. In addition to easy uploading and publishing of videos, SproutVideo gives businesses the power to easily customize and track their videos online. Common features include high security with restricted access, marketing tools, in depth analytics of impressions, plays, engagement and traffic sources, IP address restriction and domain whitelist, HD playback on all devices and much more.

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By Global Stream Holding Ltd

StreamingVideoProvider is a video hosting provider mainly dealing in the hosting of live streaming videos for businesses. It allows users to easily stream their live events & business videos on their website or social networks compatible with all devices. Other features include pay-per-view earning, easy to setup and embed, 0% commission, easy customization with multiple layouts & styles, secured streaming, location, domain, IP and user restrictions, password protection, etc.

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By Viewbix Inc.

Viewbix is an online video hosting and ads service that provides businesses an opportunity to earn money by placing interactive ads on their videos. It comes integrated with a SaaS-based builder that allows users to create an interactive video player with calls to action within the player. Viewbix allows users to share their interactive video players across major video ad networks on multiple devices through cross platform distribution.

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By GravityLab Inc

Gravitylab offers reliable and fast video hosting and streaming services to businesses worldwide. It supports all videos and media streaming live on demand across all devices. Gravitylab’s video workflow service involves transcoding, layer customization, and multiple CDN routes and POPs. Video hosting is made better with inbuilt video players and customization services. Live streaming allows companies to stream live videos to users across all screens, apps, flash and the internet.

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23 Video

By 23 Visual ApS

23 Video is an event video hosting platform that allows users and businesses to broadcast their event videos, invitation videos, etc. online through a powerful event page. 23 Video supports live streaming from any device including a webcam, an iPhone, or a video studio, and delivers the best quality videos to every screen and to audience in every country. It also allows users to create an interactive event page with integrated event tools.

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By Vidcaster Inc.

Vidcaster allows businesses and people to create, analyze and monetize their training videos. Services offered by Vidcaster video platform include video training for new employees, generating sales-ready leads, selling business training program, and training new customers. Other features include video hosting & management, video player, embeds & playlists, video galleries, security, subscription sites, video marketing, in-video calls-to-actions, in-video quizzes & interactivity, reporting, viewer analytics and much more.

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By iPlayerHD, Inc.

iPlayerHD is an affordable, fast and ad-free business video hosting service. It can deploy any of user business videos, and allows them to embed or share these videos anywhere they want. With its robust features, including unlimited bandwidth & storage, easy embedding, downloading, and sharing, in depth analytics, pop-over light box embedding, In-video email links, and live support, iPlayerHD has become an obvious video hosting choice for businesses.

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By Oculu, LLC.

Oculu is a cloud video hosting platform for businesses and publishers, offering various video services including side video/pre-roll monetization for publishers, ad-free & professional videos for businesses, video encoding, marketing, video emailing and syndication, real time video management and full video analytics. Other features include overlay, embedded and lightbox video formats, embedding code, 24/7 real time video reporting and much more.

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