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A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides technical, social or personal support to their clients remotely, usually from a home office. A virtual assistant is a suitable option if you need someone to handle one or some of your day-to-day tasks. The best part is that clients need not to recruit a full-time assistant, but can hire a VA as and when they need. There are many individuals and agencies providing reliable and cost-effective virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs, businesses and small teams.

Here are some of the most recommended Virtual Assistant Services you can choose from.


Fancy Hands

By Fancy Hands Inc.

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant agency providing cost-effective and reliable assistant services in the US. Users can request an assistant for any kind of task, anytime, and using any device. They can handle almost anything, from planning your vacation tickets, finding a cook for your home, making and receiving time consuming calls, researching and shopping products, and much more. Other features include task scheduling, text message requests, requests rollover, referral credits, and more.

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By Zirtual Inc.

Zirtual is a virtual assistant service used by individuals, entrepreneurs, small teams, and others to get their tasks done by expert assistants. It can handle various tasks such as, scheduling meeting, handling calls, booking a trip, paying bills, and more. Zirtual appoints a dedicated trained virtual assistant (ZA) for each of their clients who in person, takes orders and performs tasks on behalf of the client.

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Virtual Helper 247

By Virtual Helper 247 Pty Ltd

Virtual Helper 247 is an agency that assigns dedicated assistants to companies, professionals and individuals, who need someone to handle their tasks. Most of these tasks include technical, marketing, personal, writing, or similar tasks, such as building WordPress websites, SEO, creating and managing social pages, creating & editing videos, writing articles, and more. Users can hire a virtual assistant for a particular task or to handle day to day tasks.

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By Perssist, Inc.

Perssist specializes in remote personal assistants to help users with their day to day or special tasks. Users can get in touch with an expert assistance for any kind of tasks, ranging from calling customer care service, researching a product or service, making reservations, or any other task. Their features and specialties include high quality trained assistants, 24/7 availability and flexible enough for any kind of task of any length.

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Time etc

By Time etc Limited

Time etc is a US based virtual assistant service that offers highly trained virtual assistants mainly for entrepreneurs to handle their day-to-day tasks. All Time etc assistants are trained and experienced enough to handle any technical or non-technical tasks, including admin jobs, organizing, marketing, scheduling, and more. Anyone can hire a part-time assistant without having to worry about employment contracts and salary issues.

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AVirtual provides high-quality virtual assistants. Using a dedicated assistant model you get a personal assistant who gets to know you and your business inside out. Backed up by our team of in-house staff (we don't use freelancers) you get support when and how you need it. Request a 5-hour free trial to find out more.

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AskSunday specializes in dedicated assistant services to help users with their daily or specific tasks. It offers trained virtual assistants on hire to do any work related or personal job for clients. Some of the services offered by AskSunday include graphic design, email template design, marketing, logo design, website development, and more. All clients are assigned their own dedicated assistants, accessible via phone, email or mobile app.

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Tasks Everyday

By Tasks Everyday LLC

Tasks Everyday is a virtual assistant service that offers highly trained and expert assistants to get the tasks done for their clients. Some of their features include flexible short and long term assistants, skilled assistants in specific areas, remote task work, one time or day-to-day tasks, and more. Service areas covered by Tasks Everyday assistants include internet research, database handling, support, call handling, data entry, and many more.

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Intelligent Office virtual assistant handles side tasks and jobs on behalf of entrepreneurs and big companies so that they can focus on their core businesses. These assistant are trained to handle any kind of administrative, technical or personal tasks, including phone answering, intake questions, notary services, typing , meetings, scheduling, bookings, order taking, reservations, and many more. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of a full-time assistant without having to hire an actual assistant.

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eaHELP virtual assistants are there to offer expert, professional assistant services to clients all over the world for their regular or specific tasks. It is not just a person, but a team of people with expertise in different areas. Common services provided by eaHELP assistants include consultants, pastors, financial services, social media help, technology services, nonprofit, health care, writing, reporting, email management, admin and many more.

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Habilis is a US, UK and India based virtual assistant service that provides assistants to handle jobs for individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, and others. These assistants take care of small tasks on behalf of busy individuals and business people so that they can focus more on their businesses. Some of the tasks handled by Habilis assistants include making appointments, booking flights, handling calls, paying bills, data management, writing & publishing, and more.

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By Worldwide 101 Ltd

Worldwide101 is an assistant agency providing North America and Europe based virtual assistants to help business people with their professional and personal tasks. Worldwide101 specializes in high-class expert, professional assistants trained to provide effective assistance to their clients. Common services and skills include admin services, marketing, social media, project management, customer care, design services, transcription, translation services, and many more. Key features include highly professional assistants, meet before choose, backups, client dashboard, etc.

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By TaskBullet, LLC

TaskBullet is there to ease up the busy work schedule of business professionals and entrepreneurs by providing them trained assistants to handle their side jobs. It allows people to focus more on their core businesses while making sure that other less important tasks are being handled effectively by their assistants. Some of TaskBullet benefits include highly skilled and educated assistants, dedicated service, fast and reliable, cost-effective, no downtime, etc.

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Prialto is a professional virtual assistant service for business executives. They offer expert assistants for business people to handle their side tasks and less important work. Prialto virtual assistants are trained to finish assigned tasks in less time with better quality so that clients can completely focus on their major issues. They also provide engagement and relationship managers, sales assistant, time manager, and other specifically skilled people on hire.

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Uassist.ME is a team of trained virtual assistants who can help people in the growth of their businesses by sharing or taking over their small and less priority tasks. They assign a dedicated assistant to each of their clients to help them with a special project or with day-to-day tasks. Uassist.ME provides personal assistants in almost every area, including technology, advertising, personal jobs, designing, development, consultant, real estate, and more.

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LongerDays virtual assistants can work as a part-time employee without actually having to recruit an employee. They can provide smart and professional support with all professional and personal tasks so that clients can work more for their businesses. Their areas of expertise include business processing tasks, customer service and content marketing. Some of their notable features include multiple service areas, one contact point, recurring tasks, precision billing, and many more.

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Red Butler

By Red Butler Corp.

Red Butler helps businesses and working professionals ease up their heavy work schedule by passing on some or all of strategic tasks to a team of trained virtual assistants. It includes a team of people skilled in specific areas, such as licensed travel experts, tech teams, etc. Users can hire dedicate assistants to help them with a specific task or a long term project without having to worry about employee contracts or hiring.

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Surplus Hands

By Surplus Hands LLC

Surplus Hands is a professional digital agency specializing in Virtual Assistants, web design and online marketing services. We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialize in different areas of business so you can be sure that you won’t receive a generic service. Although we can’t boast years and years of service, we can ensure you that is a good thing in this industry. Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to proving themselves in this industry.

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Virtual Assist USA


Virtual Assist USA is a team of trained virtual assistants that allows businesses and individuals to outsource their work related or personal tasks to be handled by assistants. You can hire an assistant or can form a team of expert assistants who work behind the scenes while you represent the face of the businesses. Their virtual assistants specialize in marketing, web development and design, social media, administrative tasks, project management, and many other services.

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Pepper is a Philippines based virtual assistant service that allows companies and entrepreneurs to outsource their work to a team of experts. All their assistants are hired and trained thoroughly to provide expertise in different areas so that they can handle clients’ tasks with utmost sincerity and professionalism. Other features include fast and reliable services, trained assistants, efficient communication, timely delivery, quality results, etc.

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247 Virtual Assistants


247 Virtual Assistants is a remote virtual assistant service that saves time for businesses and working professionals by handling their backend tasks and duties. It allows clients to focus on the core business areas while hired assistants take care of other details. They can take care of almost everything, from product research and shopping to making reservations, paying bills, scheduling meetings, and more. All clients get their own well educated and dedicate virtual assistants.

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Your Daily Tasks


YourDailyTasks provides highly educated, skilled and trained virtual assistants from India to help businesses and professionals reduce their staffing costs and manage work efficiently. Users are offered 24/7 services by dedicated assistants with various time-intensive tasks, including research and reporting, scheduling, writing, designing, and more. YourDailyTasks android app allows clients to manage their assistants, schedule tasks, pay invoices, increase or decrease hours, and more anytime, from anywhere.

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