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Many enterprises are employing automated visitor management systems in their facilities to enhance security and to maintain a professional appearance of their business. Visitor Management Software automates the visitor enrollment and management process while ensuring company safety by checking visitors’ information and authority against company database. These programs allow users to set their own criteria and mandates for the auditing of visitor data. It is important to look for key features and benefits while choosing a visitor management application.

Here are some useful and popular Visitor Management Platforms widely used by enterprises.



By HID Global Corporation

EasyLobby is automated visitor management software that simplifies visitor enrollment process and increases security of your enterprise by cross referencing visitor information against felony databases. Its key features and functioning include more professional enrollment process and visitor check-in, pre-registration or self-registration, screening against criminal and sex offender databases for better security, identifying who is already in the facility, and conducting analysis/reporting on visitor information.

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By Proxyclick Sprl

ProxyClick is web based visitor management software that manages office visitors for enterprises and businesses. ProxyClick starts maintaining visitor data even before visitors arrive and manages visitor information till checkout. It allows companies to send automatic invitations to visitors by pre-registering them and to send them a friendly text message reminder during the visit. Visitors are enrolled through a secure iPad or PC based entry mechanism with visitor and visit details saved in a database.

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By Outrageous Labs, Inc.

Envoy is a powerful visitor management application designed to replace hectic paper based entry mechanism. Envoy is responsible for a secure and seamless registration for all company visitors, while saving their information. Security is the best part of Envoy that involves keeping visitor information confidential, automatic photo capture, important contact details entry, and multiple sign-out options. It allows you to check who is in your facility anytime.

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By IDenticard Systems

TEMPbadge by IDenticard is a secure and easy-to-use Visitor Management System (VMS), ideal for companies looking for a complete Visitor Management solution. TEMPbadge software package includes the VMS software, a thermal printer and blank visitor badges that when combined with a computer, allows efficient visitor management. Other features include easy-to-use interface, efficient and time saving, built-in recording and reporting, and customizable buttons and fields.

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By AlphaCard Systems, LLC

AlphaCard visitor management software allows companies to create visitor ID cards by using an easy drag and drop interface. The software can be used for complete visitor management as well as employee time and attendance management. AlphaCard software is compatible with multiple printer types including thermal, inkjet, laser, and PVC card, and can be operated easily by anyone without any training or guidance.

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Lobby Track

By Jolly Technologies Inc.

Lobby Track is a complete visitor management solution that lets companies register their visitors, issue visitor badges and maintain full visitor logs. Lobby Track VMS software is useful for companies dealing in sensitive and important matters, which if leaked, can create disasters. The software maintains logs and records of all company visitors so that owners and management can check anytime who is in the facility or who was there for specific time period.

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By RIW Software Technology AB

Visitlog is visitor management software used at the receptions of offices for visitor entry and security checking. While giving visitors a professional and welcome feeling, Visitlog ensures company safety by checking visitor information and saving it. Visitlog allows companies to manage the visitor's traffic effectively and maintain a record of each individual entering company premises. It also eases the workload for receptionists by handling many administrative tasks itself.

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The iPad Receptionist visitor management software is used by hundreds of small, medium and big enterprises to handle visitor management task effectively. The software performs various functions including visitor logging, tracking visitor traffic, and maintaining two-way communication with visitors, badge printing and many more. Its features include visitor arrival notifications, automatic message forwarding, custom delivery options, custom Visitor Badges, photon & signature capture and detailed visitor logs.

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By iViewSystems, Inc.

iPass professional visitor management solution enables company front desk staff and security officers to check, track and verify their visitors. Instead of unreliable and inefficient paper based log systems, iPass gives you the power to handle the visitor management task and check-in process from your desktop or iPad. Business owners or administration can access real-time accurate data of each of company visitors to monitor any unauthorized access.

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iVisitor Business

By Advantor Systems Corporation

iVisitor Business is a web based visitor management system designed for businesses. Security is a very important factor of business premises and iVisitor ensures highest level of safety by checking and maintaining the logs of all company visitors. Its features and functions include electronic visitor management, self-service visitor check in system, ID badge printing, access control integration, custom visitor badge templates, no additional software requirement, self-serve kiosks and more.

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By LobbyGuard Solutions, LLC

LobbyGuard is visitor management and front desk automation software for companies of any size or industry. LobbyGuard ensures complete facility security and visitor management by keeping track of all traffic entering and leaving the campus. The software is ideal for businesses, schools, government offices, colleges & universities, and clubs. Self-service kiosks, software-only solutions and smartphone compatibility are some features of LobbyGuard.

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Go Reception VMS is a complete front desk solution replacing the traditional paper log book system. Go Reception manages company visitors from the time they enter to the time they leave company premises. It welcomes visitors with a very professional and easy sign-in system that takes moments to use, while saving critical visitor information in the cloud for later use. Its features include customizable terminal contact points, staff tracking, accepting courier delivers, issuing passes and more.

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WhosOnLocation is a visitor management software along with many advanced features. The safety and security of the software starts with knowing who is on-site. The company help organisations to manage the presence of people into and out of offices, construction sites, and many other workplaces as well as locations. The platform also offers touch screen kiosks and offers support for platforms like PC/Mac, iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro. There are many advanced features like employee notification (when certain visitor arrived), visitor reporting and much more offered in the package.

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VisitUs Reception is a modern and beautifully designed IOS app and web dashboard that will transform the way your business welcomes visitors. The software can help to Improve visitors' first impression by welcoming them with a branded reception tool that is a breeze to use. Features such as Pre-register important guests and even have their visitor pass ready before arrival for a complete 'no touch' visitor experience.

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