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Volunteers are people who devote their valuable time for the good of society and other people. They usually work for nonprofit organizations, schools, civil societies and others. Most of these organizations like to implement automated volunteer management applications for easy registration, tracking and management of their volunteers. Volunteer Software allows organizations to easily manage volunteers, track hours and schedule events. The software is also helpful for volunteers, who want to keep track of their volunteering hours and activities.

Here are some of the most commonly used Volunteer Software applications.



By Volgistics Inc.

Volgistics is a volunteer management tool that helps non-profit organizations manage and keep track of their volunteers through the process. The software can be easily customized to suit the particular needs of the organization. Volgistics features many tools to help non-profits throughout the volunteer life cycle. Volgistics’s volunteer document storage function allows organizations to easily record volunteer data, applications and other documents in electronic form.

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By Carr Engineering, Inc.

VolunteerHub helps non-profit organizations maximize the benefits and outcomes from their volunteer services with effective volunteer management and engagement. The platform can be customized to set up lucrative engagement opportunities with volunteers by creating unique entry pages. It can also easily remove duplicate entries and connect with any existing CRM. VolunteerHub software is also available in mobile app forms for volunteer management on-the-go.

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By VolunteerSpot, Inc.

VolunteerSpot is a complete volunteer management solution that can be used for volunteer signup, scheduling and task management in the organization. The software features integrated online signup sheets for volunteer registration, scheduling tool for task and scheduling, and more. VolunteerSpot is an ideal volunteer management tool for schools, NGOs, nonprofits, churches, sports leagues, and other organizations looking for a simple to setup and manage software both for volunteers and coordinators.

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VolunteerLocal online software can be used by nonprofits and other organizations to easily register, manage, schedule, and engage volunteers. The software is available in both free and paid versions, and is able to handle a few to thousands of volunteers. VolunteerLocal is an ideal volunteer management tool for several organizations and festivals, including fundraisers, churches, beer festivals, duck derbies, triathlons, theatre groups, foundations, non-profits, schools, civil organizations, music festivals, and many more.

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By Cervis Technologies, Inc.

CERVIS (Community Event Registration and Volunteer Information System) is web-based volunteer management software designed for nonprofits and other organizations for effective volunteer management. It is an easy-to-use, globally accessible and easily customizable software suite that can be used for online volunteer registration, event posting, sms messaging & alerts and communication, event management, reporting, volunteer check-in, and more. CERVIS can be easily customized to fit individual organization needs.

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Better Impact

By Better Impact Inc.

Better Impact is cloud-based volunteer software designed to help organizations with their volunteer management tasks. The software is designed by people who understand volunteers and for people and organizations that need a simple volunteer management solution. Some of its services include online volunteer application & recruitment, screening & background check, tracking, scheduling, communication, and reporting. It also provides tools for organizations to post volunteering opportunities online.

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Track It Forward is a time tracking software for volunteers and organizations. The software allows volunteers to track their own working hours that can be accounted later by the organization. Track It Forward allows organizations to keep track of their volunteers while saving time in manual registration or tracking. The software is ideal for grantees, schools, nonprofits, grassroots, and many other organizations that want to track and reward volunteers for their work.

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By Samaritan Software LLC

Samaritan volunteer software is designed to help organizations effectively manage their volunteer programs and tasks. It offers products and tools to allow organizations to recruit, register and on-board new volunteers, manage multiple volunteer records and data, measure & track reports and work hours, and much more. Samaritan software handles the IT and management task on behalf of nonprofits so that they can focus on volunteers and other important tasks.

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CiviCore VMS (Volunteer Management Software) is a system designed to help organizations bring out the power of volunteers. It is a complete volunteer management suite that can be used to manage volunteers and various volunteering projects and events. CiviCore VMS is suitable for the management of a range of nonprofit tasks for a diverse group of nonprofit organizations. It gathers volunteers’ information & history, tracks projects & results, integrates with websites, manages communications, and more.

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iVolunteerOnline is an online volunteer signup and management tool used by organizations to register people for various events, projects and meetings. The software is flexible enough to run any small to large events and to be used year-round, and in any season. iVolunteerOnline provides fully-customizable integrated signup sheets for volunteer registrations, allows event publishing and promotion, supports easy password-less signups, sends email reminders, generates reports, and much more.

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Sumac Volunteer Management Software is designed to fulfill the need of an effective volunteer management suite for nonprofits organizations. The software is able to recruit, coordinate, and assign tasks to volunteers, while keeping records of all activities. It is easily customizable for different purposes, events and projects. Sumac VMS features online forms for volunteers registration, scheduling system, tracking, and free online support.

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By WhenToWork, Inc.

WhenToHelp is an easy and affordable online volunteer scheduling tool that can be used for the automation of volunteer scheduling system. Major services include creating online schedules, viewing schedule and information, editing or changing schedules, and tracking schedules. WhenToHelp offers a free software option for approved nonprofits. Other services and features include controlled volunteer access, availability information, permissions, global access, and prompt support.

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Volunteer Scheduler Pro is a volunteer scheduling and management application that can be used by schools, health clinics, nonprofits, charities, kitchens, and other organizations to implement customized automated scheduling to their nonprofit projects and events. The software features automatic reminders, email and SMS alerts, and mobile app to allow easy and frequent communication with volunteers. Other services include online signups, automatic scheduling, task rotations and repetitions, and more.

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Get Connected

By Galaxy Digital, LLC

Get Connected from Galaxy Digital is community engagement and volunteer management software for schools, churches, volunteer centers, communities, colleges & universities, and organizations of all sizes. The software is designed to help client organizations more effectively manage, grow, and track volunteers and projects. Get Connected streamlines the process of getting and registering students and volunteers for a nonprofit event or task.

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By Benan Systems LLC

Voltrak online volunteer management and tracking software is designed to help organizations with their volunteer tracking and reporting tasks. VoltrakWeb is the web based version that features a suite of products and tools for volunteer sign in, message center, training, registration and application, photo ID and profile, email alerts, tracking and reporting, and much more. The software is fully-customizable and can be accessed on any device, from anywhere.

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By InitLive Inc.

InitLive is an event staff scheduling solution designed to streamline the operations of any event (festivals, conferences, races, etc). Use InitLive for efficient scheduling, self-signup, attendance tracking, and targeted email & in-app communication. Don't be left hanging on event day - stay informed with InitLive's free mobile app to help you track who's on site, make schedule changes and discreetly communicate with your team throughout the event.

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