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Scraping and extracting content from multiple web pages is a pretty common data gathering task for many online businesses. Though covering thousands of possible application spheres, this is indeed a time-consuming task unless you have a quick and accurate automation software to do this for you.   

Here are the best web scraping and data extracting solutions that  can be used by organizations or individuals.



By Ipswitch Inc.

iMacros is an extension for the web browsers which adds record and replay functionality. It allows users to capture and replay web activity such as testing, uploading or downloading texts and images, importing and exporting data to and from web applications using CSV & XML files, databases, or any other source. It provides real business value by eliminating time-consuming web automation, data extraction, and web testing tasks, and replacing them with a reliable automated solution.

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By Import.io Corporation

Import.io is a web data extraction platform for businesses and individuals. By letting its users turn any web page into an API with just a few clicks, import.io makes it easier for developers to pull data from the web. Their powerful platform makes it possible to get the high-quality data from even the most complex sites. import.io has a unique technology which allows them to provide data to users' exact specification.

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Scrapebox is an SEO tool used by SEO companies and freelancers across the globe. Its unique features include search engine harvester, keyword harvester, proxy harvester, comment poster, link checker, and numerous tools like check page rank, create RSS, extract emails, find unregistered domains, and dozens more time-saving features. Scrapebox is like a personal SEO and marketing assistant which automates many tasks right from harvesting URLs, competitor research, building links, performing site audits, and much more.

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Scrapy is a fast high-level web crawling and web scraping framework, used for extracting structured data and crawling websites which can be used for a various range of useful applications such as information processing, data mining, or historical archival. Scrapy has a built-in support for selecting and extracting data from HTML/XML sources. Its strong extensibility support allows users to plug in their own functionality using signals and a well-defined API.

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Web Scraper is a platform that specializes in data extraction from web pages. With Web Scraper, users can plan and build sitemaps on how a website should be traversed and what should be extracted. Using these sitemaps, the Web Scraper will navigate the site accordingly and extract the data. Its unique and powerful features include Scrape multiple pages, multiple data selections types, extract data from dynamic pages, browse scraped data, and import and export sitemaps.

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By Mozenda, Inc.

Mozenda provides the web data extraction and data scraping tools that make it easier to capture content from the web. It helps organizations collect and organize web data in the most effective and efficient way possible. Their cloud-based architecture facilitates rapid deployment, ease of use, and scalability. It is an accurate web scraping solution that features low maintenance, ensures data accuracy, offers convenient publishing options, and also lets users focus on analytics and reporting.

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PromptCloud offers customized web crawling, web scraping, and data extraction services for organizations. It lets the organizations crawl and extract tons of data from various sources across multiple languages and platforms. The platform uses a wide variety of techniques to extract data from blogs, social media, review websites, forums, etc. PromptCloud specializes in incremental as well as deep crawls which mean crawling regularly updated sources and extracting specific data from the deepest of targeted websites.

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By CloudScrape Aps

CloudScrape is a browser based data extraction tool for web scraping, web crawling, and big data collection. This cloud-scraping service provides development, hosting and scheduling tools. Its advanced browser based editor helps in easily navigate through websites, fill out forms, build robots, and extract real-time data. Users can save their data to Google Drive Box, or any other Cloud or receive structured output as CSV, Excel, or JSON via their REST API.

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By Debuggex, Inc.

ParseHub is a web browser extension that can be used to turn any dynamic and poorly structured website into an API, without writing code. For developers, the tool gives a full control over how to select, structure, and modify elements. So that, developers don’t have to hunt through their browser’s web inspector. With ParseHub, users can easily eliminate the major hurdles of gathering data, and can spend more time on analyzing useful insights and creating beautiful visualizations.

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By Softomotive Ltd

WinAutomation is an automation tool that assists you automate any repetitive task on your computer such as automatically fill and submit web forms with data from local files, web scraping and data extraction from any web page into Excel or text files, retrieve and parse your emails and update a database with the data contained in the emails, etc. WinAutomation makes files operations, database manipulation, spreadsheet handling, email parsing, as well as desktop management easier.

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By Datafiniti, LLC

80legs is a web crawling service that gives access to a massive web crawling platform that can meet users' web scraping needs. From companies big to small, it offers a wide range of web crawling services that can help organizations collect the web data they need through 80legs suite of services. With 80legs, companies can run their own web crawls with the web crawling plans and collect data anywhere from the internet with their giant web crawl.

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Visual Web Ripper

By Sequentum Pty Limited

Visual Web Ripper is a visual tool used for automated web scraping, web harvesting, and content extraction from the web. Their data extraction software can automatically walk through whole web sites and collect complete content structures such as search results or product catalogs. Its features include user-friendly visual project editor, repeatedly submit forms for all possible input values, etc. Importantly, the tool retrieves the data of web pages so that data stays up to date.

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By OutWit Technologies

OutWit is a semantic software tool for extracting and organizing online data and media. With its sophisticated scraping functions and data structure recognition, the program covers a wide range of needs. The data extracted from the web page are presented in an easy and visual way without requiring programming skills or technical knowledge. The tool lets users easily extract links, images, email addresses, data tables, etc.

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Web Data Extractor is a web scraping tool specifically designed for mass-gathering of different data types for businesses and individuals. Its main features include powerful spidering engine, fast search, and accuracy, support for working with proxy servers’ list, etc. The tool leverages well-proved XML and text processing technologies in order to easily extract required data from arbitrary web pages. A special feature of it is a custom extraction of structured data.

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By The Web Miner SRL

WebMiner offers enterprise web crawling, web scraping, and other data processing solutions. It fulfills user's needs by providing automation and services for web data extraction. It allows you to extract any kind of data from the internet. It comes with a built-in crawler to search a single page, a website, a set of websites or pages, or the entire web with an extensive range of performance and search settings.

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WebHarvy is a visual web scraper. The tool automatically identifies the patterns of data occurring in the web pages and scrapes the repeated data such as texts, images, URLs, emails, etc. so that the user doesn’t have to add any additional configuration. Users can save the extracted data from web pages in various formats. It allows you scrape data from a list of links which leads to similar web pages within a website.

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Data Scraping

By V & P Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Data Scraping is a web scraping software to extract data from websites, XML, JSON APIs, and converts into your choice of format. It gives fast and accurate data collection from websites of choice according to your defined pattern. The software allows the users write their own scripts, modify, and cleansing the web data into their required format on the fly. It transforms website’s data into a manageable format to collect and organize.

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Easy Web Extract is an easy-to-use web scraping tool to extract content for business purposes. This data extractor tool rips desired web content such as text, URL, image, files, etc. from web pages and transform results into multiple formats without any programming required. It is designed for simple and quick data extraction. A unique feature of this screen scraper is customizing data export formats with its HTTP submit form.

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By Webhose Ltd.

WebHose is a web crawling and data integration software used across multiple online platforms and sources. This API pulls data from a wide variety of sources such as blogs, message boards, comments, review, news, and others. The extracted data can be presented in JSON, XML, or RSS formats and provides contextual metadata that can be integrated into database systems and applications. With WebHose, users can easily get access to structured data from various sources.

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Darcy Ripper is a Java multi-platform web crawler. It is a standalone multi-platform graphical user interface application that can be used by any user and programmers to download web-related data. The tool provides a large amount of configuration settings users can specify for their download process, in order to obtain the accurate web data they desire. Additionally, users can visualize any URL that is being accessed or any resource that has been downloaded.

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Content Grabber

By Sequentum Pty Ltd

Content Grabber is used for web scraping and web automation. Since internet contains massive amounts of data, it can extract any kind of content from any website and save it as structured in a format of your choice. With the help of multi-leading, optimized web browsers, and many other performance tuning options, Content Grabber extracts data faster and highly accurate. Their powerful testing and debugging features help users build reliable agents.

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By Connotate, Inc.

Connotate provides web data extraction and monitoring services that simplify the integration of web content into business processes. It transforms web data into high-value information assets to feed content products, increase market and business intelligence, enable mass data aggregation, migration, and integration. With its latest intelligent high technology, it empowers both business users and programmers to quickly create data sets, new applications, and content products.

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FMiner is a user-friendly visual web scraping software with macro recorder and diagram designer. The software is used of web scraping, web data extraction, screen scraping, web harvesting, web crawling, and web macro support. With FMiner, users can quickly master data mining techniques to harvest data from a variety of websites ranging from online product catalogs and real estate classifieds sites to popular search engines and yellow page directories.

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Screen Scraper is a web extension that acts as a screen scraper and lets you easily and quickly scrapes data from a website. It works much like a database that allows you to mine the data of the world wide web. It offers a graphical interface letting you designate URL's, data elements to be extracted, and scripting logic to traverse pages and work with mined data.

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Scrape.it is a tool to extract, integrate, and automate web data without any coding required. Developers can use Scrape.it to extract data from an HTML page and it is useful for web scraping across several different domains. Since it is automatic, it easily detects and extracts data records and is resistant to layout change. Which means the user doesn’t need to know the structure of the document and thus making it easier for everyone to use.

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Visual Scraper is a web visual scraper with a user-friendly interface that helps users to extract simple data on the web. It is designed especially for non-technical researchers. This software is used to extract data such as title, description, price, etc. from multiple websites. It is a Visual Scraper is a point and click interface. users may scrape, store, and manage their data o the website.

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Apache Nutch is a highly extensible and scalable open source web crawler software. It can run on a single machine. Its features include distributed file system, link-graph database, NTLM authentication, by default fetching and parsing are done separately, and many others, and provides extensible interfaces. Besides, Apache Nutch provides an easy to use and quick solution for crawling and indexing external websites.

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Ubot Studio

By Seth Turin Media, Inc.

Ubot Studio is a web browser automation tool that lets users build scripts that complete web-based actions such as web testing and data mining. With Ubot Studio great features, users can send, receive, and scan emails for essential data quickly and instantly and automatically click links inside. It has also got separate features for non-programmers to build software as easily as surfing the internet.

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Diffbot is a developer of machine learning and computer vision algorithms and public APIs for extracting or scraping data from web pages. Its artificial intelligence feature provides structured web data better than any human-level accuracy across any web page or language. In addition, Diffbot’s Analyze API special feature uses computer vision to automatically articles, products, discussions, images, or any other web pages.

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By Octopus Data Inc

Octoparse is a client-side software for extracting information from websites, for most of scraping tasks no coding needed. The software also allows people to collect data from various websites and turn the data into visual files. It works well for both static as well as dynamic websites, including scraping data with pagination, extracting data behind log in, getting data behind dropdown menus, capturing data from search results, etc. The data extracted can be stored on Octoparse's cloud platform or downloaded as Excel,HTML, TXT or exported into databases(MySQL,SQL server, and Oracle). Octoparse simulates web browsing behavior such as opening a web page, logging into an account, entering a text, pointing-and-clicking the web element, etc.

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Extract Anywhere

By Management-Ware Solutions

Extract Anywhere is a software which allows you robotic process automation (RPA) and web content extraction. According to the company their software allows extracting data from almost any site. The extracted data can be from any format including popular formats such as CSV, XLS, Txt and many others. The one click interface allows you to scrape many types of data. There are two versions available Standard Edition and developer editon.

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