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Uptime monitoring services regularly ping the websites and check to see if the server is online and accessible or not. When servers are down, they immediately notify site owners through one or multiple communication channels so site owners can do the needful to make the site live again and avoid possible business losses. Some of these services also have multiple server locations to check uptime from more than one location. Some of them even tracks response time so site owners can see how speedy or slow their site is across the globe.

Below are some leading service providers currently available.


Uptime Robot

By Buzpark Bilisim Tarim Urunleri Sanayi Tic. Ltd.

Uptime Robot offers website monitoring service and its main monitoring location is in Dallas-USA. Different other nodes to verify down statuses of websites are also available in numerous other countries. Product was created in January-2010 and it manages your hosted email & cloud computing services from a single console. It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and it is totally free. For verifying accounts HTTP Basic Access Authentication is used and for reaching data account specific apiKeys and monitor-specific apiKeys are used. It alerts if your sites are down and keeps your websites up.

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Pingdom is a web monitoring service provider founded in the year 2007. It provides uptime and response time reports of your website. It includes multiple check locations all around the world for monitoring different websites, servers. Reporting of your website is done through emails and it also incorporates apps for android and iOS. It examines all parts of a webpage and it also lets you identify the root cause behind the outage that prevents any further recurrence.

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Site Uptime notifies you about the downtime of your website by using phone, SMS, or email alerts. It checks website at 5 minute intervals from 7 different locations across 4 continents. The free plan includes feature like 1 monitor, 30 minute check, uptime reports, email alerts, public statistics page, alert failure limit, control panel, uptime button, and 8 monitoring location. Company also offers premium and advanced plan. Different monitoring options available with this are HTTP, SSL, Web Page Content, DNS, POP3, HTTP Password Protection, SMTP, FTP, Custom TCP ports, etc.

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Site 24X7

By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Site 24X7 offers web infrastructure monitoring services that include features like web application monitoring, dedicated API, Mobile access, performance reports, status view & operations dashboard, SLA managements, alerts & notifications, mail server monitoring, etc. It is a part of Zoho Corporation which is headquartered at Pleasanton, CA and have offices in different other countries too. The application program interface of this allows you to add, modify, delete or suspend monitors.

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Status Cake

By TrafficCake Limited

Status Cake is a website monitor that includes SSL certificate monitoring, domain monitoring, malware and virus scanning, public reporting, full feature API, Multiple User Accounts, Maintenance Windows, Live Updating Dashboard, Performance data, etc. Status Cakes is a product of Traffic Cake Limited which is established in London-UK. It monitors IMCP ping responses, HTTP queries and it incorporates methods for testing TCP, DNS, HTTP(s), and IMCP Pings.

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Website monitoring and alerting services are provided by Service Uptime since 2005. 3 packages of monitoring, offered by company are Standard, Advanced, and Professional. Their features vary as per their pricing. Some common features are frequent monitoring with SMS/email notifications. It also offers support for all servers and ports such as web servers, PING, POP3 servers, MY SQL servers, SMTP servers, Download servers, and so forth.

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Since its founding in year 2007, Up Trends is all about cloud-based website performance and network monitoring. It monitors your web applications, websites, client certificates, and different web services (REST API, SOAP) for uptime and performance, additionally it also monitors your network devices and servers. It also lets you view real-time reports on a PC, smart phone or tablet and services like E-mail reports & export data are also included by it.

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Monitor Us

By The

Monitor Us was launched in year 2006 and since then it has been offering monitoring services for websites, servers, networks, mobiles and so forth. It offers open API monitoring that includes open API scripts for Apache™ HTTP server, SQL Server, Tomcat, Microsoft Exchange, Virtual and Cloud platforms, Tomcat, etc. It also includes SDKs for different languages such as JAVA, Python, Perl, PHP, C#, and Ruby. Additionally it comprises API generic WMI monitoring scripts, reporting scripts and data extraction.

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By Monitis US LLC

Monitis is an application monitoring program that monitors your servers, websites, applications, etc. The company was founded in the year 2006 and since then it is offering real time views, reports, and interactive charts of your websites along with custom plans. Additionally it includes more than 30 worldwide locations for providing monitoring services. It incorporates frequent checks intervals as short as 1 minute and it also provides archived performance history of 2 years.

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Host Tracker

By HostTracker, Ltd

Host Tracker informs you when your website is down by sending different instant down alerts such as SMS, Gtalk, Email, Skype and Voice Call. It offers distributed monitoring approximately in 45+ locations and it also provides detailed stats and reports in pdf, xml or Csv formats. Its feature set includes database monitoring, multi protocol monitoring, maintenance scheduling, reports & statistics, instant check, response time check, REST & SOAP API, etc.

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Internet Seer

By, Inc

Monitoring system of Internet seer remotely checks your website from different geographical locations at selected intervals and then it sends alerts through emails, pager, cell phone or text alerts. It offers performance monitoring, transaction monitoring, availability monitoring, link and image checking and alert reporting. It also provides real-time error & recovery notifications, weekly performance email reports, and false alarm protection.

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By Metadot Corporation

Montastic informs you whenever your website goes down by giving you an email alert. The software is made by Metadot in Austin-Texas and it offers support for HTTPs, HTTP and any port number. Montastic API lets any 3rd party developer to build desktops, web, scripts or server applications that can communicate with Montastic services. It also includes support for HTTP authentication and it can verify presence of any specific web page content.

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By Wormly Pty Ltd

Wormly, which was founded in year 2005, provides the services of server uptime monitoring and it monitors all the protocols such as HTTPs, POP3, DNS, TCP, IMAP, SMTP, etc. It provides uptime reporting and it also checks your websites at every 5 seconds interval. It also monitors your websites and server infrastructures and if any downtime occurs then sends you SMS, email, phone call or IM alerts.

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By Alertra, Inc.

Alertra gives you alerts for website-downtime by email, phone calls, and SMS. Since it’s stating in year 2000 it checks websites, network servers, or routers and informs about their outage or slowdown. Alertra includes Alertra Synapse™ technology that detects problems like equipment lock ups, hard connection failures or operating system failures within seconds. It provides public uptime statistics, packet capture, scheduling of maintenance, custom scripting features, and so on.

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