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If you work as a website, software, or application designer, there is an important stage that you have to undergo before you begin the development process of your product. At the very early stage of your web or app development, it is important for you to visualize your ideas so that you can work on the end product as you intended it to be. Mockup Tools are designed to help you visualize your design ideas and create interactive prototypes for your website or mobile application before you start the development process.

These are the best mockup tools that you can use for your business:



By UXPin Sp. z o.o

Provides UX design and wireframing software that allows you to create interactive prototypes quickly and easily. It features drag-and-drop mechanism, graphic design editor, advanced interactions and animations, real-time collaboration and presentation, and more. It offers design management feature, which allows you to comment on your projects and keep your project design and documentation together.

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By S.C. EverCoder Software SRL

Provides online wireframe, mockup, and UI prototyping software that allows you to quickly create websites and app mockups in seconds. It features real-time team collaboration, privacy settings, master pages, PDF/PNG export and publish, unlimited team members, Google Drive integration, and more. It allows prototype creation directly on the web, with stencils, images, and pages.

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By MarvelApp Prototyping Ltd

Provides free mobile and web prototyping software for designers that allows you to turn sketches and mockups into realistic prototypes. It features sharing, prototype sync with Dropbox, team collaboration, comments and annotations, export prototype as Android app, and more. The prototype created with this software is viewable in web browsers, desktop, and mobile devices.

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By Axure Software Solutions, Inc.

Provides interactive wireframe software and mockup tool that allows you to create a website and app prototypes without coding. It features rough and polished sketch components, advanced prototyping, HTML file generator, publish and share mechanism, documentation and collaboration, and more. The advanced prototyping feature offers conditional logic, animations, dynamic content, drag-and-drop components, and precise calculations.

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By Balsamiq Studios, LLC

Provides fast, fun, and effective wireframing software that allows you to unleash your full creative potential. It features sketchy wireframe, drag and drop components, re-usable symbols, keyboard shortcuts, UI components and icons, click-through prototypes, export to PNG and PDF files, and more. The software can be integrated with Google Drive, Confluence, JIRA, and more.

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By InVisionApp Inc.

Provides free web and mobile prototyping and UI mockup software that allows you to design your prototype faster and better together. It features powerful design tool, real-time design presentation and collaboration, seamless design communication, design project management, version control and sync, and more. The easy prototyping feature offers template creation, animations, and screen-size previewing.

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By Gliffy, Inc.

Provides online diagram and flow chart software that allows you to create professional diagrams and flow charts directly on your browser. It features instant collaboration, quick HTML5 editor, themes and templates, Visio document import, project tracker, drag-and-drop components, and more. It offers various integrations, including Google Docs, Chrome, Gliffy API, and Microsoft Word 2013.

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By Nulab, Inc.

Provides diagramming creation software that allows you to create and collaborate on your diagrams online. Cacoo is an online collaboration tool, enabling user to draw, collaborate, and share ideas. Industry specific editions are available as Education, Enterprise, and SDK versions. Images can be dragged and dropped on the canvas, and the revision history can also be maintained. The business version of the application can be customized to suit the needs of businesses and support additional features as security control, group sharing, and exclusive diagram resources. It features security control, group sharing, access permissions, exclusive diagram resources, revision history, export as PNG and PowerPoint files, and more. The real-time collaboration feature allows you to share diagrams instantly, chat with other users, and edit diagrams simultaneously.

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Provides prototyping software that allows you to create fully interactive prototypes that work as you intend them to do. It features asset flow, Dropbox sync, color adjustments and filters, material design UI library, adaptive UI libraries, offline mode, and more. The software also allows you to create fully interactive prototypes for Apple Watch device.

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By A Produle Systems Pvt Limited

Provides online wireframing software and design cloud that allows you to create and collaborate on your prototyping projects. It features unlimited projects, multiple members, cloud storage, multiple project administrators, add-ons, advanced project permissions, centralized license manager, and more. It offers various software in design cloud, including WireframePro, DesignCollab, WebsitePro, AppPlanner, AnnotatePro, BannerPro, and BrochurePro.

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By www.justinmind.com

Provides interactive wireframing software designed specifically for web and mobile. It features web interactions, mobile gestures, transitions and effects, image hot spots, rounded borders, image synchronization, web emulator, navigation map, sketch and shapes, widget creation, and more. It offers mobile simulation and testing, which includes Android app viewer, mobile emulators, and user testing tools integration.

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Provides website wireframing software that allows you to turn your website ideas into interactive prototypes. It features drag and drop UI elements, rearrange and resize, link multiple mockups, preview mockup interactively, live collaboration, share a link, and more. The software focuses on three most important aspects of a prototyping software: idea, information, and interaction.

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Fluid UI

By Fluid Software Ltd

Provides fast and friendly mobile prototyping software that allows you to visualize the flow of your mobile apps. It features wireframe library, unlimited pages, unlimited projects, unlimited uploads, project cloning and archiving, project sharing, export screen and HTML, saving to libraries, and more. The software includes online editor, Android Player, and iOS Player.

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By Motif Tools BV

Provides prototyping software for designing UI, animation, and interaction. It features readable syntax, code snippets, inline errors, auto-complete, real-time feedback, presentation, preview modes, zoom and rotate, visual filters, animation curves, 3D effects, state machine, instant sharing, and more. The software offers various basic tools, such as layers, animation, states, events, dragging, scrolling, and pages.

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By NinjaMock.com

Provides free software that allows you to create app wireframes and website mockups. It features icons and images, custom stencils, vector graphics, page link visual indicators, copying and pasting, pasting graphics, team collaboration, project management, and more. The team collaboration feature offers mockup sharing, comments, page statuses, export to PDF/PNG, and export to HTML.

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By Flinto, LLC

Provides iPhone, iPad, and Android prototyping software that allows you to design better mobile apps faster. It features visual screen connection, real-time screen updates, automatic link drawing, instant upload, super-smooth transition, fixed header and footer, and more. It allows you to start testing your prototype in the sketching phase, instead of the development phase.

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Visual Paradigm

By Visual Paradigm International Ltd

Provides software design tools designed for agile teams, with free online training and cloud storage. It features business modeling, impact analysis, collaborative modeling, animated software design, document production, task management, code engineering, advanced modeling toolset, and more. The wireframing tool offers desktop application wireframing, finger gesture support, pointer support, and screen capture tool.

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Provides free minimalist wireframing software that you can use directly on your browser. It features multi-paged wireframe, clickable elements, export to PNG and PDF, revisions, private dashboard, team collaboration, simple version control, and more. It offers four main wireframe templates: browser, tablet, mobile, and mobile (landscape), with white labeling feature available for premium users.

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By Pidoco GmbH

Provides powerful prototyping software that offers a better way to wireframe your design. It features fully interactive prototypes, team collaboration, mobile simulation, exports and specifications, smart templates, usability tests, integration and customization, SaaS platform and security, and more. It works in simple steps: easy sketching, custom templates, interactive elements, instant preview, and smart teamwork.

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Provides bootstrap interface builder software that offers more than the regular mockup tools. It features multiple projects, unlimited screens, code editing and exporting, SSL security, drag and drop elements, clean HTML export, responsive design, 100% bootstrap, web-based platform, and more. The software allows white labeling, integration with browser-based products, and custom CSS framework usage.

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By HotGloo GbR

Provides easy-to-use, independent, and interactive wireframe UX prototyping software designed specifically for your individual needs. It features full UI element list, responsive wireframing, pre-built UI stencils, master elements, smart elements, state/observers, team collaboration, client review, feedback system, and more. The software is designed to be used by UX folks, designers, IT people, and management.

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Provides PowerPoint wireframe and mockup software that allows you to use Microsoft PowerPoint as a powerful prototype builder for your design. It features hundreds of user interface elements, quick search, custom shapes, smart shapes, company-wide library, and more. It offers ease of use, one tool for all, storyboarding, collaboration, easy export/import, and Office integration.

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Provides mockup and website wireframing software that allows you to design interactive website, app, and mobile. It features complex interaction creation, mobile prototype builder, share and discuss, pinpoint feedback, and more. It helps you to create a single repository for all communications and build interactive prototype with the same technology as the finished product.

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Mockup Builder

By FreezePro Software LTD

Provides online web prototyping and wireframing software that helps you to reduce time and cost on the negotiation stage. It features main menu, UI library, the mockup canvas, common commands, simple sketch, advanced options, sketch sharing, and more. The software can be used in simple steps: idea, brainstorming, wireframe prototyping, and finished mockup.

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By WireframeSketcher.com

Provides wireframing software designed for professionals that allows you to create wireframes and get quality feedback fast. It features an extensive library of UI controls, interactive prototypes, flexible wiki formatting, vector graphics support, large set of vector icons, and more. The software is available as a standalone application and as a plugin for Eclipse IDE.

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By Virtual Training Company Inc.

Provides wireframing, prototyping, and mockup software designed for websites and applications. It features embeddable wireframe generator, project export, storage space for media files, HTML and PDF export, preview URL generator, iPlotz project import, drag and drop components, team collaboration, share editing rights, and more. The software works on any operating system with flash-enabled browsers.

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