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Workflow Automation Software is an application used by big enterprises and developers for business process management (bpm) and automation. These applications allow users to automate their complex business processes for easy control and management. Workflow Automation applications are commonly used by big enterprises and professionals, who deal with many processes and tasks on daily basis and need a suitable application for efficient management and automation of processes. It is critical to choose suitable bpm software for desired performance and control.

Here are some suggestions for popular and most widely used Workflow Automation Software.



By OrangeScape Inc

KiSSFLOW is an online workflow automation tool used by thousands of business across the world for business process automation. KiSSFLOW works in five simple steps where customers get to decide the workflow process, build form, design workflow, set permissions and start using it. It gives users complete control through a unified home screen with ease of initiating process requests and taking actions. In depth analytics, third-party integration and multiple device compatibility are other features.

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WorkflowMax has been designed to ease up the process of running a business by automating various business processes such as, paperwork and spreadsheets management, admin tasks handling, time-tracking, leads & quotes management, etc. WorkflowMax business process management software is suitable for all types of businesses and professions including creative/marketing agencies, building & construction companies, engineers & surveyors, architects & designers, business consultants, IT & web services and many more.

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By LeanKit Inc.

LeanKit is an online business management tool helping teams work together for better and faster results. LeanKit allows users to manage their business process workflow virtually with control over team’s work and performance. It allows instant status updates for everyone, anytime, anywhere, accountability with understanding of who is working on what, streamlined and centralized communications for efficiency and offers access to critical information for responsive decision making.

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Pega BPM

By Pegasystems Inc.

Pega is Business Process Management (BPM) software that enables users to automate most of their business processes and tasks. Pega is a mobile-compatible and cloud-based automation software for case management, decision handling, sales force automation and much more. Pega BPM services and features include business cost reduction, efficient business-IT collaboration, programming automation, work automation, user engagement across multiple channels, enterprise-ready applications, analytics reports and many more.

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By Simply Good Software, Inc.

Pyrus allows companies to manage, automate and customize their business processes and workflows through an easy-to-use platform. It replaces hectic paperwork and emails by structured and customizable workflows, automates most of business tasks, delivers a simple yet powerful interface to work with, and allows effective and to-point business communications. Pyrus is accessible and compatible with multiple devices including computer, smartphone or tablet, with or without the internet.

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Process Street is a checklist and standard operating procedure software that can create and manage recurring checklists and procedures for businesses. It is a simple process and workflow management software that allows business to automate and manage their important business processes and recurring workflows for an efficient control over the procedure. Process Street features include unlimited templates, unlimited storage, unlimited teams, expert support, unlimited updates, unlimited reports and unlimited checklists.

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By ProcessMaker Inc.

ProcessMaker BPM and workflow software has been designed for businesses to eliminate paperwork, automate workflow processes, to reduce the gap between systems and people, and to perform full scale business process management. ProcessMaker’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop based interface allows business analysts to design approval-based workflows in minutes. Users can easily work with form-drive processes. Managers can check performance reports and make informed decisions to improve business performance.

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Bizagi BPM Suite is a complete business process management solution designed for fast and flexible process management. It allows organizations to connect their business with the IT in such a way to get the desired results and performance. Bizagi BPM software executes complete BPM cycle, from business design and modeling to process automation and deployment. It works in three simple steps where users design process maps, build apps and run BPM enterprise-wide.

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Bonita BPM

By Bonitasoft, Inc.

Bonita BPM is a powerful work automation and business process management application that allows users to create highly engaging, personalized business applications to adapt their business in real-time. Some of the functions performed by Bonita BPM include modeling of business processes, creating engaging, responsive applications, connecting business data and systems, updating as per real-time business changes, and easy scaling with efficient monitoring and reporting.

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Comindware Tracker is workflow software used to optimize and manage business processes. This bpm application allows even non-technical users to easily automate the manual processes, create and manage workflows, rules and forms with a simple drag and drop based interface. Comindware Tracker is aimed at optimizing and automating typical department processes of a business and providing effective task and data management with a shared work environment.

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K2’s workflow

By SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc.

K2’s workflow design software allows businesses to design and develop an effective and optimized automated workflow solution by using reusable components. Automated workflows designed by K2 software ensure consistency and drive action by feeding people with appropriate tasks and information. Its features include robust workflow engine, less complex processes, reusable components, time saver, task routing, easy workflow management, flexible and declarative workflows, suitability for any team size and easy-to-design.

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By Nintex Pty Ltd

Nintex workflow automation software automates the business processes to ensure fast and flexible workflow. The automation process doesn’t require any knowledge of the code and can be finished even by any non-technical person. Nintex workflow lets users focus more on more important projects. It allows users to create customizable and interactive forms to work efficiently. Mobile feature allows users to access the application on mobile devices.

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By Alfresco Software, Inc.

Activiti is a workflow and business process management (bpm) application that allows business people and developers to automate their workflow and business processes. Activiti is built on a fast and powerful BPMN 2 process engine and is open-source. It runs on any server, cluster, in the cloud or on any JAVA application. The software comes integrated with learning tutorial, use guide, Java docs and extremely helpful user forum and community.

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By Appian Corporation

Appian BPM software is designed to fulfill the need of businesses for a workflow automation platform to design, execute, automate and manage various business processes and operations. Appian works in four simple steps where business people need to design BPMN process solutions through easy drag-and-drop, business rules, forms and complex event processing, execute instant deployment, integration, enterprise mobility, and records, manage real-time management tools and tasks, and optimize based on reporting.

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Joget Workflow is an open-source workflow platform build to design enterprise level full-fledged agile web apps for better process management. All apps created by Joget Workflow are mobile optimized and cloud based, download ready and can be extended via plugins. It allows businesses to add and design workflow to automate their processes. Other features include extendable platform, full-fledged apps, data records management, dynamic plugin architecture, etc.

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UiPath lets businesses define and manage their processes through a computer based robotic environment. People can automate their manual, rule based processes to be operated by trained robots based on steps and business rules defined by humans. The process designer works on drag & drop method and is easy to use even without any programming knowledge. UiPath works flawless with any application and document including emails, spreadsheets, databases, etc.

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By Fujitsu RunMyProcess

RunMyProcess enterprise process management platform allows organizations to build powerful business processes and workflow apps within minutes. RunMyProcess apps are mobile optimized and can run on any device and platform. It supports all business teams and departments including HR, accounting & finance, procurement, field services, etc., and automates complete business data and processes for better understanding and management through a common web or mobile based platform.

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By PNMsoft Ltd.

PNMSoft business process management software (BPMS) has been designed for digitization of business processes. Instead of managing all business operations and tasks manually, this software helps business people automate rules based processes by designing workflows for specific processes. It also lets users create powerful web forms for data entry, storage and management. Mobile compatibility feature makes it accessible anywhere, on any device.

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Integrify workflow management software is designed to help enterprises manage business processes, requests and workflows. Some of the functions and features of Integrify include easy creation of processes, real-time tracking and measuring reports, creating and tracking user requests, cloud based deployment, mobile compatible applications and easy integration with multiple business applications. It allows businesses to easily manage processes and requests by initiating workflow automation from anywhere, anytime.

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Ultimus Process Designer is a workflow automation application designed to create business processes. Ultimus’ simple yet powerful business process modeler helps businesses design efficient processes in effective collaboration with IT. Its inbuilt process mapping tool allows even a non-technical person to easily create workflow diagrams and graphs for various business processes. It can also convert existing process workflow maps into advanced executable process templates.

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Jetpack Workflow

By Jetpack Workflow LLC

Jetpack Workflow is a simple client and workflow management application that allows processing of various jobs and tasks. Jetpack Workflow lets you manage all clients’ work in one place, track client work and performance, and monitor tasks assigned to each employee with due dates. The interface and design is very user-friendly with an even more effective support team. Its features include automated email digest, easy tracking, less time consuming and full control.

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Decisions is a workflow automation platform that allows even non-programmers to design and deploy interactive graphic business processes. With the Decisions platform, users can define business rules in various forms, without needing to write any code or script. Rules are embedded in workflows to guide users with the process flow. It also allows creating interactive reports and dashboards for users to track and mange various processes and tasks.

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WorkflowGen is a workflow/BPM application that offers a process life cycle management environment for business users and IT people. The software comes integrated with several tools allowing business users to quickly create forms based on business rules even without any programming knowledge. Web forms can be transformed into sophisticated web apps by IT staff for handling more complex processes and functions. Other features include best cost/value ratio and scalability.

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Intellect is a cloud based BPM tool designed to connect people, apps and processes. The smart learning feature allows users to learn new technical skills, and create smart mobile apps without needing to learn additional programming languages. Intellect software is fully optimized to work with any mobile device or platform. With perfect synchronization between mobile apps and central system, all updates, changes and inputs are updated instantly.

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Electronic Workflow

By Solutions@MBAF, LLC

Electronic Workflow is automation software by PaperSave that allows users to automate their workflow to manage business operations and processes more effectively. It reduces the unwanted costs and time associated with paper based process by replacing it with more efficient electronic workflow solution. Its key features include process consistency, reduced procurement to pay cycle, multi-tiered process management, documents monitoring, notifying users about pending work, document audit history tracking, and mobile compatibility.

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Process Timeline workflow and business process management (bpm) software not only allows users to automate their process workflow, but also to track process time. It notifies business users about the possible delays in process instants and allows immediate actions. The software also lets users predict the impact of a possible delay in the process. Unlike other BPM application, Process Timeline can tell you when a given task is likely to complete.

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By DigiSpoke, Inc.

DigiSpoke workflow automation software allows business users to create team workflows, forecast results and predict progress. DigiSpoke provides users with a very easy-to-use and interactive platform to arrange tasks, business rules, assign tasks and manage processes. Instead of creating status meetings and progress reports, DigiSpoke predicts about the progress of business projects and tasks, and alerts users in case a project is in danger of being delayed.

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Process Buddy

By ProcessBuddy, Inc.

ProcessBuddy bpm software lets users create, manage and share their business processes in one easy platform. The application allows users to create enterprise level processes, manage them online from one dashboard and share them with anyone in the organization. Its noticeable features include compatibility with any device, employee assistant with useful information, fewer mistakes, easy to transfer tasks between employees, reduced cost, well documented procedures, work consistency, and many more.

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