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In a business venture, the most important promotional issue that comes into play is the marketing part. Sometimes, we provide advertisements for our own websites or links but are not able to figure out the strongest connections from the globe.Some free websites does help but have restricted features and thus does not allow much for the users to know. A few of the best known Ad Tracking softwares are listed below that not only help you in running multiple campaigns but also enable users to have detailed reports over the same.



LinkTrackr is a link tracking application that helps a user in tracking different campaigns and links in a real time view. The detailed reporting system...

By: Kreydle Sdn Bhd.



Voluum is an ad tracking software that helps in tracking different devices. This is mainly for marketing gurus who can check their reports real time....

By: Codewise spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. K.



Clickmeter is a link tracking software that helps in targeting the visitors producing a high conversion rate. Users can monitor their activities and check for...

By: PositiveADV s.r.l



ClickMagick is a link tracking software that helps in tracking and monitoring links and advertisements for different campaigns. One can check their links at a...

By: ClickMagick, LLC



Trck.Me is an advertisement analytics tracker that can help in marketing a business venture. The dashboard serves a lot of purpose from tracking website statistics,...

By: TimTech LLC



Tracking202 is a click tracking software that produces detailed reports of all the campaigns been advertised. It helps in checking all the links, keywords etc....

By: Tracking202 Inc.

7 is advanced affiliate tracking and reporting software. This cloud based platfrom combines sophisticated features to support the requirements of affiliates and referral marketing. RedTrack...

By: Aditec Solutuions UAB



Improvely is a conversion tracking software that can check for a registration or a sale source. It helps in tracking the broken links and monitors...

By: Awio Web Services LLC.


The Bevo Tracker

The Bevo Tracker is a link tracking software that checks links, keywords, ads for marketing purposes. Users can track their campaigns and also get rid...

By: BevoMedia, LLC



Bitly is a link shortener and a link tracking software that helps in running a business venture. The software can be used in tracking links...

By: Bitly, Inc.



CPVLab is an URL Tracking software that can analyse multiple campaigns that can help in tracking links and ads. The landing pages can be edited...



Pretty Link Pro

Pretty Link Pro is a Wordpress plugin for shortening URLs and checking all the links of a domain on a system. The plugin helps in...

By: Caseproof, LLC

13 is a link tracking tool that can track a range of data per click. URLs can also be shortened using the application and multiple...




Linktrack is a link tracking tool that can track links and clicks using an interface. Individuals can track down keywords that do not make any...




iMobiTrax is a tracking and an analytics software that can help in tracking different campaigns for a business issue. The software helps in checking the...

By: iMobiTrax, LLC



AdtrackzGold is an ad tracking tool that helps in tracking keywords and links resulting in a selling proportion. The Affiliate links can be protected and...

By: Tbit Design, Inc.


Quality Click Control

Quality Click Control is a click tracking software that comes with a bot protection module. It can detect broken links and pages with an automated...

By: Simple Systems, Inc


Thrive Tracker

Thrive Tracker is an ad and link tracking software that can track any device regardless of its make. The software comes with a dashboard that...

By: FF & Company, LLC.



AdsBridge is a cloud-based distribution tracking system designed for monetization and optimization of ad campaigns for outstanding marketing results. In the list of various advantages,...

By: AdsBridge Global Ltd.

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