Adserver Platforms

Adserving Platforms are designed to provide publishers, advertisers and ad networks with a common platform for complete ad campaign management. Publishers and networks can use an adserver platform to find suitable and customized ads for their websites, mobile apps or videos. Advertisers use these platforms looking for an opportunity to promote their business in rich-media formats. Ad servers also allow publishers and advertisers to manage and track their ad campaigns through their control panels.

Looking for a suitable Adserver Software? Here are some ideas you can choose from.


Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer is an advertising platform that allows advertisers to publish, manage and optimize their rich media ads on websites, apps and mobile sites of...

By: Smart AdServer


OpenX Ad Server

OpenX Ad Server is a digital advertising solution that allows publishers to earn money by publishing advertisements on their websites and digital applications. OpenX Ad...

By: OpenX Technologies, Inc.


DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is ad revenue management and ad server platform that allows publishers to manage their ad campaigns across multiple screens, formats, sources...

By: Google Inc.


SiteScout AdServer

SiteScout AdServer is an ad management tool aimed at maximizing the return on ad sales. SiteScout AdServer is an online platform where advertisers can optimize...

By: Centro, Inc.


Epom Ad Server

Epom Ad Server is a SaaS ad serving platform for online networks of publishers and advertisers. Epom Ad Server software is built to work efficiently...

By: Epom Ltd.



AdvertServe is an ad server platform for advertisers, publishers and networks. AdvertServe allows advertisers to manage their advertising campaigns, make changes instantly, to monitor real-time...

By: Renegade Internet, Inc


Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver is an open source ad serving system that allows advertisers, publishers and networks to display ads across multiple platforms such as, websites, apps,...

By: Revive Adserver



ADTECH ad serving solutions allow publishers, ad networks and advertisers to manage their ad campaigns online through a single web based platform. ADTECH allows publishers...



AdGear Publisher

AdGear Publisher is an ad serving platform that allows publishers and networks to manage online ad campaigns and digital media inventory. AdGear Publisher is designed...

By: AdGear Technologies Inc.



AdButler is an ad serving platform helping businesses and customers with their ad campaigns. The platform is aimed at saving clients’ time while maximizing revenue...

By: Sparklit Networks, Inc



AdSpeed is an independent ad server and management platform. It allows publishers to use and publish ads in multiple formats on their websites, and advertisers...




Adzerk ad serving platform enables publishers and advertisers to build ad campaigns for users and for branding. Real Time bidding system allows publishers to put...

By: Adzerk Inc



Flashtalking is an ad serving platform aimed at powerful, intelligent and efficient ad marketing. Flashtalking’s intelligent ad serving platform gives publishers access to a powerful...

By: Flashtalking, Inc.



AdPlugg is an ad server and manager plugin designed to work on all standard websites and platforms. Publishers can install AdPlugg plugin on their website...




Orbit ad server platform provides ad publishing services for website owners, ad networks and agencies. Orbit’s easy-to-use interface and interactive design allow publishers to create...

By: OrbitSoft, Corp.



AdGlare specializes in serving ads for publishers, ad networks and websites who want to earn money from their online applications. AdGlare accepts ads from advertisers...

By: AdGlare


dJAX Adserver

dJAX Adserver is an ad serving technology for mobile, display and video platforms. That means, advertisers can publish their ads on any of these platforms....

By: dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions

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