Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate Tracking Software are used by business owners and online marketers to track and analyze their affiliate marketing campaigns. Affiliate marketing is an online marketing mechanism where affiliates or partners promote a certain website or business for commission or other profits. Both marketers and site owners can make use of a nice affiliate tracking application to manage affiliate referrals, sales and profits. It is crucial to choose tracking software suitable for your particular affiliate marketing needs.

Here are some suggestions for affiliate tracking programs you can choose from.


Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is affiliate management software that allows users to manage their complete affiliate programs and to track referrals and overall sales. While affiliate...

By: Quality Unit, s.r.o.



HasOffers is a tracking tool for affiliate marketers, networks, advertisers and buyers to analyze and improve their online and mobile affiliate marketing efforts. HasOffers works...

By: Tune, Inc.



AffiliateWP is an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress that can be easily installed in any WordPress website or blog. AffiliateWP keeps real-time track of your...

By: AffiliateWP



Cake is a tracking and analytics software designed for affiliate marketing networks. The application allows networks to analyze affiliate performance and conversion data and to...

By: Cake, Inc.



LeadDyno is an affiliate marketing plugin for E-Commerce websites supported by various CMSs including Shopify, Bigcommerce, PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe, Chargify, Squarespace, etc. LeadDyno is a...

By: LeadDyno



LinkTrust is online marketing software that allows site owners to track the performance of their ads, sales, affiliates, leads, calls, networks and other marketing efforts....

By: LinkTrust Technologies, LLC



iDevAffiliate is affiliate tracking and management software that is compatible with any device. iDevAffiliate is featured with some of the best industry applications such as,...

By: iDevDirect LLC



Tapfiliate is cloud based affiliated management and tracking application that enables users to create, track and manage their own affiliate programs. Tapfiliate works in three...

By: Tapfiliate B.V.



Affiliate marketing is a proven method of getting more sales and Omnistar is a popular application for affiliate marketing management. Omnistar allows users to create...

By: Omnistar Interactive, LLC



NetRefer affiliate marketing program is fast, professional, scalable and pro-active. NetRefer has been designed by an expert team of marketers and technology people to offer...

By: Arnold Media Group



ClickInc is affiliate tracking software for anyone to start an affiliate program. This software allows users to create new affiliate programs, manage existing ones, recruit...



WP Affiliate Manager

WP Affiliate Manager can help users manage an affiliate marketing program for their WordPress sites to increase traffic and sales. WP Affiliate Manager can be...

By: WordPress Affiliate Manager



JROX is affiliate marketing management software that lets online businesses start and manage their own affiliate programs. JROX can be easily integrated with any online...

By: JROX Technologies, Inc.



DirectTrack is affiliate marketing and tracking platform being used by many affiliate networks and online businesses. The platform works efficiently to track and manage target...

By: Digital River, Inc.



AffiliateShop affiliate management solution allows you to build a powerful affiliate network, and is suitable for any industry and online business. Some of its key...

By: SilkRoad technology, inc.


Magic Affiliate

Magic Affiliate is a WordPress plugin aimed at providing professional affiliate management services. Magic Affiliate can easily integrate with WooCommerce, Magic Members and WP e-Commerce...

By: Magical Media Group Limited



HitPath is a multichannel tracking platform used for affiliate tracking and management. HitPath is faster, user-friendly and more feature-rich than many competitive tracking applications. Some...

By: Webapps LLC


Affiliate Wiz

Affiliate Wiz is affiliate tracking and marketing software for Windows .net and ASP.Net based platforms. Affiliate Wiz is a complete affiliate solution that allows users...

By:, LLC

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