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Abine Blur is more than a password manager which provides many tools to manage your password, privacy and secure your online identity. It offers free as well as premium versions. Premium version allows backup and sync along with other features while free version allows password management but with limited manner.

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Abine Blur

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Abine Blur Quick Info

Abine Blur is an online password manager, designed specifically to allow people to keep their online accounts and its key passwords secured. Originally called DoNotTrackMe, it was later rebranded and launched again in 2011. This exclusive multi-purpose manager performs a lot of functions like tracker blocking, masked phone number features, etc that comes in handy for people aiming for incredible privacy and safety features. It allows internet users to set robust passwords instead of the complex passwords, which it remembers on their behalf. Users can have access either for free or by paying for the premium accounts with unlimited use with no hidden costs.


Ease of Use


Rather than doing the process manually, Abine Bur allows the users to start it by clicking just a few icons where you can easily input the password and credentials of your account to get started while setting up a new password. This function is suitable and handy for beginners seeking a password manager. It also alerts the users in case they enter the passwords incorrectly, driving you to update the password without surfing through menus.


Email Masking and Auto-Lock


This feature is easy to use and a resourceful feature that automatically synchronizes to the version in your browser for amazing beginners. For the users who require to set a fingerprint lock, this feature is useful since it locks up the app quickly, wanting you to steadily enter the password. It seamlessly integrates and protects your identity without sacrificing convenience. For added security, it is also possible to check and delete the automated backups. This auto-lock feature gives you password security in case you leave the computers for a prolonged period.


Privacy and Security


Blur is a closed source system that offers you the transparency of its features and gives you the guarantee of not having access to your robust passwords or a backup one, claiming that it does not share or sell its user’s private data hence treating it securely for services.

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