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Acquia Commerce is a web-based application that focuses on providing its users with a world-class and industry-leading landing page software, which helps businesses to grow and flourish. It is an expert in creating an open-source digital experience and inspires the world’s leading brands to innovate every day.

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Acquia Commerce

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Acquia Commerce Quick Info

The Acquia software is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands as it provides a unique experience to all its users. The commerce management software has been designed so that customers experience the most comfortable time while concluding their transactions and purchases. The secure software ensures that customers go through a content-rich platform and are always satisfied with their online platforms.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

The Acquia software is fully focussed on ensuring that customers are always comfortable with the overall experience. The entire platform has been designed in a way that customers feel empowered and confident about completing transactions and not just leave the platform after checking out the products on offer. Users can even opt to avail for the feature that lets them connect their existing business platform to the digital enrichment software that is offered by Acquia.

Unified digital store

Acquia provides its users with a unified digital store platform, wherein all the products and contents are seamlessly integrated, making sure that the entire journey from adding the product to the cart to the checkout is one single and smooth path. An efficient business or shopping platform ensures that customers are always satisfied and will come back for more. The clutter-free and enriched software also means that more and more customers will find it comfortable to use the platform, which will lead to a significant increase in sales and the overall reach of the commercial software.


The Acquia software comes packed with a heavy range of innovative tools and easy solutions, all aimed at making the web experience a bit richer and more exciting for the customers. The software also supports a cloud hosting service, which allows complete protection against any threats and prevents disruptions across the platform. It is a one-stop solution for everything that leads to a better online experience for the customers of brands and businesses.

Company Information

Company Name: Acquia

Founded In: 2007

Twitter ID: Acquia

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