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Act-On is an award-winning marketing automation software that helps you to focus more on your customers, with an integrated marketing platform. There are various products offered in the Act-On platform, including SEO, social media, website prospecting, landing pages, events and webinars, lead nurturing, lead scoring, list management, and A/B testing.

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15 Alternatives

Top Act-On Alternatives

Act-On Quick Info

To create a more personalised experience with customers, companies need to make an instant reply when the time seems perfect. For interaction to be successful, a proper mode of communication is necessary. Companies need to segment their customers according to different metrics and tailor messages which attract their attention.

Introducing the best marketing strategy solution for optimising one-to-one communication comes with all the previously mentioned features. Act-On provides a set of integrations that one can embed in different marketing campaigns and platforms. Intelligent segmentation and detailed analytics empower the next generation, Chief Marketing Officer, to take necessary steps.

What makes Act-On a preferable choice for marketing?

Integrating Act-On with the existing company infrastructure is as easy as a child’s play. One will find it intuitive to use our services. Act-On introduces a lot of opportunities for a company. A company will get to see a spike in the return of investment in a short span. From conducting training sessions to complete guidance, our support team is always there for assistance. Act-On is the perfect marketing solution for all kinds of companies, big and small. One can pioneer in the conduction of marketing campaigns with the help of Act-On.

State-of-the-art products

Act-On introduces a bit of automation to perform some of the common tasks. It automatically notifies the company whenever any new action is performed. To ensure that every email marketing campaign becomes a success, we have eliminated all the hardships commonly encountered in a campaign. With a large number of templates and a marketing advisor at aid, the generation of new leads is not far away. Act-On helps a company to detect and reach out to its returning buyers and true customers. Act-On has got everything that is required to make a social media marketing campaign a huge success.

CRM tools

Act-On can give a proper shape to the unstructured data and transform it into something worthwhile. With detailed reports and a variety of integrations, Act-On can collect insightful data from multiple sources at the same time. From A/B testing to CRM, it is everything in one.

Top Features

Inbound & Outbound
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Prospecting Website
  • Forms Creation
  • Landing Pages Creation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Events & Webinars
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Scoring Leads
  • Managing Lists
  • A/B Testing
  • Campaigns Reporting
  • Tracking Website Visitors
  • Funnel Reporting
  • CRM Integration
  • Integrate Data
  • Sales Viewing
  • Mobile Application
  • Applications Integration

Company Information

Company Name: Act-On Software, Inc.

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Ideal For
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Cloud