By: AdGlare

AdGlare specializes in serving ads for publishers, ad networks and websites who want to earn money from their online applications. AdGlare accepts ads from advertisers and publishes these ads on publishers’ websites based on settings defined by them. It also allows publishers to track real-time performance of their ads based on user impressions, clicks, CTR and conversions. AdGlare supports all standard ad formats and offers free CDN delivery.

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  • OpenX Ad Server
  • DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Epom Ad Server
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  • Revive Adserver
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  • Flashtalking
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  • Orbit
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15 Alternatives

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Top Features

  • Real-Time Performance
  • Ads Based Platfrom
  • High-Speed Intelligent Routing
  • Mobile-Responsive Banner Ads
  • Newsletter & Email Ads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space
  • Video Ad Server
  • Automatic Payment Processing
  • AdSense Ads Backfill
  • Private Projects & Customizations
  • Real-Time Stats
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Classical Banner Ads

Company Information

Company Name: AdGlare

Twitter ID: AdGlareAdServer