By: Adzerk Inc

Adzerk ad serving platform enables publishers and advertisers to build ad campaigns for users and for branding. Real Time bidding system allows publishers to put their inventory on sale and to choose the most profitable deals. The first-party user database tracks user performance across devices and enables behavioral targeting based on user as preferences. Custom targeting queries make custom user segments based on geo, device, keyword and other attributes.

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15 Alternatives

Top Adzerk Alternatives

Top Features

  • Ad Serving Platform
  • Real-Time Bidding System
  • Search-Based Native Ads
  • In-Feed Native Adds
  • Scale And Speed
  • Audio Native Ads
  • Content-Based Native Ads
  • Innovative Native Ads
  • Flexible & Fast Services
  • Server Conversion Tracking
  • Cloud Based Platforms
  • Unobtrusive Native Ads
  • Stack Exchanges Optimizations

Company Information

Company Name: Adzerk Inc

Founded In: 2009

Address: 501 Washington Street Suite D, Durham, NC, USA

Twitter ID: adzerk