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The Top Alternatives to Affiliate Wiz Includes LeadDyno, Tapfiliate, Post Affiliate Pro, iDevAffiliate and 11 other products in Affiliate Tracking Software

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15 Alternatives


Affiliate Wiz

15 Alternatives

Top Affiliate Wiz Alternatives


Affiliate Wiz is affiliate tracking and marketing software for Windows .net and ASP.Net based platforms. Affiliate Wiz is a complete affiliate solution that allows users to add affiliate programs to their website to drive more traffic, and to manage affiliates, sales and commissions. The software automatically creates optimized affiliate links or images based on website products for affiliates to promote these links. It also helps track affiliate traffic and conversions.

Top Features

For Affiliates
  • Multi-Tier Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Categorization
  • Traces Sub-Affiliates
  • Globalized Affiliates Software
  • Rotating Banners
  • Signup Notifications
Setup & Configuration
  • Supports All Stores
  • Paypal IPN Support
  • Sharing Links Socially
  • Social Products Sharing
  • Social Banner Share
  • Supporting Varied Commissions
  • Affiliate Commissions
  • Track Direct Link
  • Upgraded Affiliate Reporting
  • Emailing Announcements
  • Richer Banners
  • Online Affiliate Administration
  • Automatic Affiliate Registration
  • Affiliate Signup Notification
  • Sales Notifications
  • Emailing Earning Summaries
  • Paying Affiliates
  • Sales Data Export
  • Commission Marking Options
  • Emailing Affiliates
  • Affiliate Pay Reminder
  • Data Import
  • Reporting Inactive Affiliates
  • Paypal's Mass Pay
  • Mapping Banners

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