By: Alertra, Inc.

Alertra gives you alerts for website-downtime by email, phone calls, and SMS. Since it’s stating in year 2000 it checks websites, network servers, or routers and informs about their outage or slowdown. Alertra includes Alertra Synapse™ technology that detects problems like equipment lock ups, hard connection failures or operating system failures within seconds. It provides public uptime statistics, packet capture, scheduling of maintenance, custom scripting features, and so on.

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14 Alternatives

Top Alertra Alternatives

Top Features

  • Multiple Locations
  • False Alerts Protection
  • DNS Catching
  • Custom Scripts
  • Detailed Response Time
  • Packet Capturing
  • Checking Protocol
  • Monitoring SSL
  • Monitoring HTTP & HTTPS
  • DNS Lookup
  • Monitoring Network
  • Monitoring FTP Servers
  • Monitoring Email Servers
  • Email Alerts
  • Text Alerts
  • Call Alerts
  • Custom Contact Methods
  • User-defined Tags
  • Webhooks Supported
  • RESTful API Access

Company Information

Company Name: Alertra, Inc.

Founded In: 2000

Address: PO Box 73, Stillwater, OK, USA

Facebook ID: alertra

Twitter ID: Alertra