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AlignBooks is a software that is used for billing purposes. It contains management features for handling inventory and sales. It does provide simple and advanced MIS reports. It is a kind of accounting software that manages the sales and finances of an organization.

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AlignBooks Quick Info

All companies, organizations, and agencies need to handle their sales and finances. Complex and massive calculations are done in the accounting field of any business. In the past, people used to perform these calculations manually, but now there is automatic software that takes care of these calculations. AlignBooks is one such software.

Modules of AlignBooks

It has a module dedicated to managing the sales process and inventories. It provides you with a real-time picture of the inventory and supply chain management. It has a purchase module that effectively handles the purchase made by your company. It has a finance module that classifies, records, and summarizes all the financial transactions that take place in the organization. The POS/ Retail module of AlignBooks helps in improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. The JobWork module manages JobWork material management activities.

Payroll management by AlignBooks

It provides you with the payroll management system that is integrated with the finance module. It allows the entry of attendance through time machine or mobile application. You can have a look at the employee database and related documents. In the case of salary calculation, you need to input the salary structure, and the calculations are done by the software. It also tracks the leaves of an employee and pays in accordance with the rules made for taking leaves. The system is capable of automatically generating the post-financial components.


It has an approval hierarchy feature that keeps an eye on every transaction to avoid mistakes to occur.  You can also provide access on the basis of the one-time password security feature. It has a feature that keeps auto conversion rates available with every document. It has an attractive dashboard and provides engaging reports for analysis. You can also store custom alerts and send emails and SMS for the same. You can import bulk data from excel sheets.

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