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Ambassador helps to turn your customers into your company’s brand ambassador with referral automation. It features simple campaign builder, Refer-a-Friend widget, automatic ambassador creation, ambassador groups, valuable ambassador insight, unique share URLs, seamless API integration, define incentives, and third-party integration. There are three pricing options available: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. A custom plan is available.

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Top Ambassador Alternatives

Ambassador Quick Info

Word-of-mouth marketing, one of the oldest and most dependable methods of popularizing goods and services, is gradually resurfacing as “referral marketing”. Referral marketing is really just word-of-mouth, whose effectiveness has been enhanced tenfold by the fusion of digital technology. Ambassador is such a digital platform that uses referral marketing for promoting businesses in a cheap and effective manner.

Through the platform, businesses can identify loyal customers whose referrals are driving the company towards growth, track their progress and reward them accordingly. Ambassador can also be integrated with other marketing solutions to enhance the coverage, convenience and the impact of the referral marketing solutions and take it to the next level. Various types of companies and various types of audiences are supported for marketing, greatly enhancing its utility.

Innovative referral campaigns that scale with the company

Ambassador is a completely cloud-based SaaS provider, thus the users can access the platform from both mobile devices and desktop devices after the software has been set up. Companies can range their targets for referrals from individuals to other companies. Referral campaigns can be created easily from the feature-laden central dashboard, and easy customization is possible to scale the referral marketing efforts, making it more efficient and enhancing its return on investment. Additionally, data can be tracked about the campaign and the referring customers, so that they can get the best rewards for their efforts and loyalty, and the campaign runs as smoothly as possible.

Ensuring customer loyalty and better ROI through powerful integrations

Ambassador can be integrated with several other referral and affiliate marketing solutions for the maximum ROI. Organizations can see visible results after integration with such platforms. Since the customer onboarding is greatly enhanced, integrations can help smooth the load on the platform and help organize the loyal customers in an even more efficient manner. Integration with payment and reward platforms can help automate the process of rewarding loyal affiliates based on their performance, ensuring further customer loyalty.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Customizable Incentives
  • Seamless Integration
  • Purpose-built Widgets
  • Simple API Integration
  • Payments Automation
  • Simple Ambassador Management
  • Easy-to-build Campaigns
  • Campaign Mapping
  • Comprehensive Campaign Reporting
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Newsletter Integrated
  • Ecommerce Integrated
  • Payment Integrated
  • Marketing Integrated
  • Billing Integrated
  • Salesforce Integrated

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