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Amplifr is social media made simple with the help of its return of interest analytics and scheduling. The social media process cycle of creation of content, the discussion made on the media about the posted content, scheduling of the content post and replies to discussions, and ultimately analyzing the entire content on social media be it any media or channel to power up a robust social media strategy is simplified with the use of tools provided by Amplifr.

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Amplifr Quick Info

Amplifr helps in achieving more on the social sites in lesser time than it would normally take for you to handle everything without the tools. All you have to worry about is your content and originality, rest is taken care of by the Amplifr.

Overview and analytics by Amplifr

Amplifr aids in saving time by posting the right content at a precise time and getting the content right in every channel and media you are involved in. The weekly overview by Amplifr helps advanced planning of the schedules for the week so that the teams working on content are better prepared and have enough time to handle any unforceen issues. The built-in analytics tool by Amplifr additionally helps in understanding the insights on what is helping and what is not in your social media success. The tools also help determine the perfect time for the posts to be posted based on the data analysis made and suggests on timeline accordingly.

The Evergreen scheduling by Amplifr lets you develop a content strategy that works on unique algorithms to determine the scheduling. Alternatively, rather than posting each segment individually, the bulk upload is supported by Amplifr in the form of CSS or even Excel format and it is managed by bulk scheduling. It can also be imported directly from the user's RSS feed.

Amplifr Plans based on users

Several plans are offered by Amplifr based on the diverse need of the users. They are named, S(small) which is for entrepreneurs and is priced least, M(medium) for a small collection of members in teams, L(large) for small scale businesses, and XL(extra large) for large scale business or agencies or teams of large size. Each plan has a limited set of social accounts that can be managed, and a limit is set on the number of users or projects managed too.

The Evergreen scheduling is made available for all account types, whereas RSS feeds and imports, analytics, and content workflow are provided with full support and are unlimited for all plans except S. Amplifr provides continuous and timely support for all plans and users no matter how big or small the hiccup is.

Company Information

Company Name: Amplifr

Founded In: 2015

Twitter ID: amplifr

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