By: Axure Software Solutions, Inc.

Provides interactive wireframe software and mockup tool that allows you to create a website and app prototypes without coding. It features rough and polished sketch components, advanced prototyping, HTML file generator, publish and share mechanism, documentation and collaboration, and more. The advanced prototyping feature offers conditional logic, animations, dynamic content, drag-and-drop components, and precise calculations.

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Axure Quick Info

In the market for software testing and wireframing, Axure has been evolving rapidly, providing services to Fortune 100 companies like Slack, Verizon, Salesforce, Microsoft, and many more. Founded in 2002, Axure RP is the most popular product as wireframing and rapid prototyping tools for applications across cloud and mobile interface. The product aims to provide a secure, user-friendly, and robust app UI for the best user experience.

Axure RP is offered in multiple forms like Axure RP Pro, Team, and Enterprise edition. The license is also offered as subscriptions or perpetual based. The Perpetual license offers support for older version Axure 8.0 free of charge. The Subscription License is for using the latest version, i.e., Axure 9.0. A single license is valid across many devices. It is also given for free for students for testing purposes. RP here simply indicates Rapid Prototyping.

Axure RP Pro

The essential aspects of Axure RP are accessible in this subscription. As for features, this version is shared across the Team and Enterprise Edition. Axure offers services via multiple elements like UX planning, Basic/Advanced prototyping, Design, Documentation, Collaboration, Cloud, and Business solutions.

As for the UX, it uses in-depth wireframing canvases with multiple widgets and tools. The drag & drop UI with connectors, diagrams, shapes, and color-coding makes it quick to learn and use. As for prototyping features, it is mostly cloud or application-based. The emulation supports desktop and mobile view. Axure RP even has multiple event and action tools, with style effects, form fields, container widgets, animated transitions, an offline feature.

The Design Tool includes a pen for vector drawing, solid/gradient/image fills, general text formatting, integration, and imports from other graphics apps in PNG, SVG, and GIF format. We can add web notes, widget notes, word documentation, and also use Jira integration. The cloud services involve Axure RP hosting, feedbacks, discussions, artboards, Slack integration, and asset management. The business version has SSO and personal domain in the cloud interface.

Axure RP Team and Enterprise

Both these versions are the same as Axure RP Pro and only differ in some minor features. The Team and Enterprise have collaboration tools like co-authoring, check-in/out history, revision exporting, and versioning. The support options now include Dedicated Account manager and Personalized onboarding assistance too.

Axure RP, therefore, excels in fidelity prototyping and has decent features for other Rapid Prototyping areas too.

Top Features

  • Mockups Creation
  • Conditional Logic
  • Dynamic Content
  • Drag and Drop
  • Animations & Calculations
  • Client Feedbacks
  • User Testing
  • Online Training
Publish & Share
  • Generating HTML Files
  • Publishing Files
  • Data Sharing
Documentation & Collaboration
  • Word Templates Creation
  • Custom Design
  • Generating Custom Documents
  • User Remote Access
  • Team Projects

Company Information

Company Name: Axure Software Solutions, Inc.

Founded In: 2002

Address: 311 Fourth Avenue, Ste 617, San Diego, CA, USA

Facebook ID: axurerp

Twitter ID: axurerp