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Backlog is a team collaboration and project management system that allow you to create project and assign them to team to better keeping a track of work. The cross platform compatible software is offered for free for single project and have paid plans which allows more storage as well as more number of users on board. The platform is offers various must have features such as Bug Tracking, Task Management as well as Version Control.

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Backlog Quick Info

Organization uses separate software for both project management and code management. This creates communication and consistency issues between different teams and departments in the organization. As a result, a lot of unwarranted delays across workflows and processes become common.

To address these issues and help organizations improve productivity, Nulab has come up with a software tracking platform that seamlessly integrates both project management and code management. It packs in all the tools that project managers and developers will ever need, on one platform.

Project management features

The project management capabilities of the platform help users track project progress by letting users visualize every task in a project, see the progress of work done by team members and stay updated. It further aids developers in finding bugs through the use of bug tracking.

The bug tracking process involves the use of a fourfold approach. It begins with capturing which involves collecting every minute detail about the reported bug. The next step is prioritizing in which all the reported bugs are assigned a priority based on the urgency.

Tracking is the third step in this procedure. Features like in-issue commenting and targeted notifications are used to keep all the team members in sync with the status of the project and bug additions. The final step consists of releasing the bug fixes and Backlog lets its users do so without leaving the platform.

It lets users build a new git branch on the platform itself. The Task management features help project managers in creating, assigning and updating tasks, breakdown major tasks into finer parts and setting due dates for different tasks.

Additional features

In addition to these, the platform also offers version control features that let developers access a host of options such as setting up private repos, proposing and comparing changes, commenting on pull requests and document project details. Backlog also offers useful integrations like Jira importer, Jenkins, Redmine and Slack among a few others. Initially, users are offered a free 30-day trial period and post that they are asked to move to a paid plan if they plan on continuing with the platform.

Company Information

Company Name: Nulab

Founded In: 2002

Address: Japan, Fukuoka, 1 Chome-8-6 Daimyo, Chuo, Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0041

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