By: Balsamiq Studios, LLC

Provides fast, fun, and effective wireframing software that allows you to unleash your full creative potential. It features sketchy wireframe, drag and drop components, re-usable symbols, keyboard shortcuts, UI components and icons, click-through prototypes, export to PNG and PDF files, and more. The software can be integrated with Google Drive, Confluence, JIRA, and more.

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Balsamiq Quick Info

Modern apps and software come in varied forms. With that, there comes a pressure on the developers to build a bug-free application and the one that can be used by most folks. Intense application development for phones requires a good knowledge of coding, and so it can become quite troublesome for many users who are new in this territory.

For them, Balsamiq comes with an app builder interface, that provides WYSIWYG app development. It was founded by a previous Adobe employee in 2008. Since then, Balsamiq has grown to be one of the sleekest app builders in the market.

Balsamiq Wireframe is their core product that offers to build graphical UI for apps, websites, etc., with a drag & drop feature. It is available as a web application, a desktop app, and also integrated with other services like Google Drive, Confluence and Jira.

Balsamiq Wireframes Home

If you are somewhat familiar with the concept of UI making, you can guess what the process of wireframing is. In this process, a wireframe simply means design or blueprint of the structure of a product. It can be either a software product or a website, or something similar.

Balsamiq Wireframes Home is used to create such blueprints. It comes with hundreds of UI components and icons. The design procedure is simply drag & drop type. The editor has a quick add feature with hundreds of preset templates to quickly pick from. Users can import their own component libraries too.

The features come with a collaboration feature too. The product is also featured over a cloud interface, accessible over browsers. One can invite multiple users for collaboration in it. Similar to this, the interface with cloud services like Google Drive, Confluence, and Jira work.

Balsamiq also has a dedicated Wireframe product for desktops. All features are similar to the above version except that the interface allows local storage and works without any internet need. However, the collaboration part needs an active internet connection.


Overall, among so many Wireframing applications, Balsamiq offers good bang for the buck. It has one of the least learning curves, and that makes it popular with the newcomers. Many top companies like Cisco, Zappos, Skype, eBay, etc., utilize these services to offer a useful UI for apps and websites.

Top Features

  • Saving Files
  • Web-based Access
  • Google Drive Collaboration
  • Drag & Drop Simplicity
  • Sketchy Wireframes
  • UI Components & Icons
  • Click-Through Prototyping
  • Exporting Files
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Re-usable Symbols
Capture Ideas
  • Capturing Ideas
  • Testing Prototypes
  • Multiple Projects
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Revision Histories
  • Clients & Contractors
  • Access Controlling
  • Group Discussions
  • Integrate Skype
  • Personal Planning

Company Information

Company Name: Balsamiq Studios, LLC

Founded In: 2008

Address: PO Box 1138, Sacramento, CA, USA

Facebook ID: BalsamiqMockups

Twitter ID: balsamiq