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Bitwarden is a password manager app ideal for syncing password across multiple devices and browsers. The software is built with high security in mind and offer AES-256 bit end to end encryption, PBKDF2 SHA-256 as well salted hashing. It is 100% open source software but you can opt for additional features such as online storage, teams and 2FA etc can be purchased with premium plans.

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Bitwarden Quick Info

Bitwarden is a system that helps in password storage and protection. Generating new passwords that follow all security practices and comply with websites is also a feature that comes built-in in the app to use. A web-based, mobile, and desktop app serves all your password requirements.

Manage your online safety

Password theft poses a severe problem for personal needs and organizations. Websites you have registered are under constant attack, which causes theft of your passwords. Bitwarden provides password security and a manager that stores all your passwords in a secure vault, which you can retrieve anytime. It helps you keep track of different passwords you have created for different apps and websites so that you don't have to worry about them. Storing email, bank account, and other essential credentials are also possible.

Secure everywhere

Bitwarden provides password security services for personal as well as corporate functions. The framework runs on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, which helps you access your data anywhere and from any device. Highest security standards, including AES-256 bit encryption, salting, hashing, and other protocols are applicable at all times. Desktop applications for all operating systems are available to the users, and the app can also be integrated into many web browsers to seamlessly sign-in to websites. A mobile application optimized for Android and IOS is also available. You can also get access to the web-based vault for your passwords.

Other features

Extra security and utilities are available to the Bitwarden users. Powerful command-line tools are available, which can help you write and execute scripts on your vault. You can also host the entire infrastructure on your own Docker instead of using the Bitwarden cloud. Complete access control can be applicable for corporate usage. File storage and sharing with encryption is another feature of which you can take advantage.

Top Features

Free Plan
  • Store Unlimited Items
  • Multiple Devices
  • Login and Notes
  • Identities and Credit Cards
  • 2FA Support
  • Password Generator
  • Self-host Application
Premium Plan
  • 1 GB Encrypted Data
  • Additional 2FA
  • TOTP Key Storage
  • Faster Customer Support
  • Secure Sharing
  • Access Control
  • File Storage
  • User Groups
  • Directory Sync
  • On-premise Hosting

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