Bonita BPM

By: Bonitasoft, Inc.

Bonita BPM is a powerful work automation and business process management application that allows users to create highly engaging, personalized business applications to adapt their business in real-time. Some of the functions performed by Bonita BPM include modeling of business processes, creating engaging, responsive applications, connecting business data and systems, updating as per real-time business changes, and easy scaling with efficient monitoring and reporting.

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Bonita BPM

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Top Features

Core Features
  • Process-based Business Application
  • Business Applications Personalization
  • Adapt Business Changes
  • Workflow Modelling
  • Drag-n-drop User Interface
  • Real-time Process Changes
  • Graphical Modeller
  • Assigning Actors & Map
  • Routing Tasks
  • Managing Complex Data
  • Sharing Repository
  • Third-party Application Integration
  • Custom Connectors
  • Automated Synchronization
  • Processes Deployment
  • In-built Dashboard
  • Graphical Visualization
  • Team Collaboration
  • Clustering & Multi-tenancy
  • Managing Error

Company Information

Company Name: Bonitasoft, Inc.

Founded In: 2009

Address: 32 rue Gustave Eiffel, Grenoble, France

Facebook ID: bonitasoftbpm

Twitter ID: bonitasoft