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Bookmark is a website building tool that is targeted at small businesses. The tool can be used by users with no prior design knowledge to build attractive, engaging, and functional websites that act as a revenue-generating source for the website.

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Bookmark Quick Info

The importance of websites is different for different types of businesses. For businesses that sell goods and services online exclusively, the websites hold much greater importance than those who sell on both mediums. Therefore, based on the importance and usage, websites are built differently. Websites that sell stuff have far more advanced features. Moreover, the websites come with varying levels of sophistication based on the size of the business. With the world going through a digital transformation, the online presence of businesses has assumed greater significance. And this is true not only for large corporations but also for small and mid-level businesses.

The art of designing websites

Designing websites that accurately represent the character of a business is not easy and involves certain costs. And many small and mid-level business owners are unwilling to incur these costs owing to budgetary constraints. As a result, their business misses out on a major chunk of online traffic and sales revenue. To help such business owners bring their business online and take it to the next level, Bookmark offers a website building tool designed specifically for such businesses. The business owners can make use of the tool to design and build websites instantly. And the best part about using the tool is that it does not require any prior coding or design knowledge.

The convenience on offer

Anyone can get started with the tool and start building websites. The tool offers drag-and-drop designing features that enable users to try a variety of design options. Additionally, the tool also offers a range of safety and security features such as SSL certificates. These certificates establish the credibility of the website in the visitor’s eyes and enable secure browsing. The tool further offers features like daily website backup, free images, video background, and Facebook integration. The video backgrounds help the users in adding a dynamic appeal to the website and make it more interesting to visitors.

The Bookmark advantage

The other features on offer include analytics, Facebook Reviews module, social media buttons, and SEO. Analytics helps the users in harnessing the power of data to make improvements to their websites while the SEO features help them in bringing more organic traffic to their websites. The social media buttons integrate the social media pages of the business with the website and allow visitors to connect with the business on various platforms. Additionally, Bookmark also offers e-learning courses to its users that help them in the development and growth of their business.

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Founded In: 2014

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