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BROWSEO is an SEO software that displays the webpage without any styles and formatting. It helps the users to view how the site looks for a search engine. Hence, they can optimize their SEO and increase reachability. People have to just copy and paste the URL in BROWSEO to view the data. Furthermore, it lists the different types of links in the site, such as external links, internal links, and no-follow links.

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BROWSEO Quick Info

Websites are a vital element to showcase a product and the company. It allows even people across nations to find and know about the organization. Hence, this method of marketing increases revenue with fewer investments. Also, they are easily accessible to have a glance at the features of the products. Nevertheless, people find their websites buried in the search engine due to a lack of SEO. Though developers design it elegantly, they may not appear in the search engine because of the tiny coding errors. BROWSEO helps companies to view their website without any decorations, thus providing clarity on their content.

Easy implementation

BROWSEO displays the context in the webpages with raw details. It eliminates the additional formatting that decorates the sites. Hence, users can have a look at the core information of the content. It highlights the words that are relevant to the Search engine optimization profile. So, it is easy to calculate the accessibility of the pages in the search engines. Above all, this application needs not to be installed or download as a plugin to use.  Users can just copy and paste the URLs of the destined webpages in BROWSEO.

Spot the error

BROWSEO lists all the features of the websites lucidly. It displays the microdata on the webpage such as title, author, and generator. Besides, it calculates the number of external, internal, and no-follow links attached to the page. So, any anonymous links can be prevented, thus enhancing trust among the customers. The application analyzes the server response by listing the redirects to the other sites. The text column in BROWSEO gives detailed information about the number of words and headings displayed.

Preview the SERP

A company needs to know how the search engine responds to the query raised by people. They have to check how their headers look for the people when they surf through the internet. Thus, BROWSEO renders a view on the Search engine result page of the websites. Additionally, it extracts the meta information and also carries out a check for cloaking attempts. This technique detects if a spammer misleads the content to the people.

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