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Callcentric offers VoIP phone solutions to business and residential customers across the world. Using software on mobile devices or computers, IP phones, IP PBXs, ATAs along with internet connection let users to bypass the conventional international, local and long distance carriers leading to savings on outgoing and incoming calls. In addition to these, Callcentric lets its clients enjoy reduced costs, flexible services, advanced features high-quality calls.

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Callcentric Quick Info

Callcentric is an internet phone service provider application. Callcentric allows you to call any other Callcentric customers all over the world at very cheap rates. Callcentric is a user-friendly application which provides its services using your computer or your phone’s adapter.

All over the world, to resident and business customer Callcentric provides Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service. Callcentric provides traditional local, long-distance and international call services by bypassing telephonic carriers. This results in saving the money in both incoming and outgoing calls. Callcentric uses Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA's) and IP phones with the help of your broadband internet connection to place a call. Callcentric is providing this tremendous service since 2005.

Callcentric Wholesale group's part Callcentric Inc. provides us the service of internet telephone. The company came up with this idea in the year 2001. Callcentric was founded in 2001 by some people from international telephone service since 1995.

What does it offer?

Callcentric offers 3 bewildering plans for their customers. Callcentric tries to provide quality service to their customers so that they keep associated with the network. Callcentric vision is to establish a worldwide network and establish a connection at lower rates.

Plan 1 – pay per call

This plan is an extension of the IP freedom plan. In this plan, you have to pay for what you use. You have to credit a small amount in your Callcentric account and the minimal amount will be deducted each time you use the service. Calling within the Callcentric network still remains free under this plan.

Plan 2- The North America Unlimited Plan

This plan included a very small amount of monthly charges which will be charged to you at the start of the month. The plan includes Unlimited calling all over the North America region for a span of a month. Callcentric also provided a variety of services such as voice mail and browser management.

Plan 3 – The World Select Plan

World select plan is similar to the North America Unlimited Plan. In this plan, you have to pay a fixed amount monthly so that you avail of the plan. The plan includes Unlimited calling in 35 countries all over the world. The plan also includes voice mail and browser management.


Callcentric has a mission to connect people all over the world at cheaper rates. They have tried their level best to stand still on there mission. The vision is to provide free service to people so that they connect all over the world. Callcentric provides the call connection through broadband internet networks and enables fast and uninterrupted services all over the world.

Company Information

Company Name: Callcentric, Inc.

Founded In: 2003

Address: 11 Broadway, Suite 1015, New York, NY, USA

Facebook ID: Callcentric-222023781237423

Twitter ID: callcentric