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Certify is an expense management software that lets organizations keep track of all expenses using one application and saves the efforts of their Finance team so that they can concentrate on planning better things for the organization. The platform is deployed via the cloud and can be accessed by their employees using smartphones running on Android or iOS.

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Certify Quick Info

Managing finances is an essential part of any organization, it doesn’t matter if its small-scale industry or a global powerhouse. Moreover, finances are difficult to track as they come in different shapes and forms. There are reimbursements of employees going out on international duty or sales, there are purchase orders, expenses on other necessary facilities in the organization, and many more factors like payroll, etc. All of these require proper documentation, and thus, the professionals in the finance department end up sorting these matters most of the time rather than strategizing. Certify is a smart attempt to reduce this load off of them.

Finance made easy

Certify makes financial reporting for all the employees across the organization through the phone application available for each of them. Employees, whether on international duty or sales or in the finance department, the app has got everyone covered and connected seamlessly. The app is deployed through cloud, and therefore each organization can maintain its unique and safe database without any issues. This allows employees to log their expenses at any time from any place at their comfort, and it’ll be stored in the organization cloud. And as they can record their expenses immediately, reimbursement becomes quite fast and an easy process.

The application also takes care that proof is submitted with each expense mentioned, and therefore, employees can also click the photos of receipts and upload them alongside the expenses mentioned. The software uses artificial intelligence and sorts out the clicked images separately so that the team issuing reimbursements need not go through the trouble of reorganizing things again and again. And what about employees who are on international duty and spending in multiple currencies? Well, software outsmarts everyone here as well by keeping the logs of different currencies separately for each employee.

A lot more to it

Certify not only helps in logging expenses, but it also lets the users and the organization know if expenses are going out of control and need to be controlled accordingly. It also helps in managing the workflow of the organization and saves the valuable time of employees so that they can focus on other vital operations and remain carefree about expenses.

In need of tracking the expenses and making the financial management for your organization? Say no more. Get Certify today.

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