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ChannelAdvisor is a web based software that helps in providing effective and unique marketing solutions to its clients. The platform is reputed for giving solutions across the channels of marketing, selling and eventually providing more reach to its clients, increasing their profit margins with consistent satisfactory results.

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ChannelAdvisor Quick Info

Aggressive Marketing and Improved Sales

The platform allows its clients to follow the progress and makes sure that the e-commerce firm gets a dedicated and enriching experience with its customers, which leads to higher customer turnouts and better sales numbers. ChannelAdvisor provides its clients with all the essential tools and technological services which ensure that the numbers are always on the positive side.

With intelligent storage and inventory tracking, alongside an aggressive approach to marketing and targeting the correct consumer market, ChannelAdvisor will always help you stand out from the competition. 

Add that extra boost to your business

ChannelAdvisor focuses and prides itself on providing unique ideas that gives its clients a boost, helping them to carve a niche within the e-commerce platform. The platform has been created with the aim of collecting the website data and analytics, and then the overall performance of the e-commerce platform is optimized via the use of a complex algorithm, which is provided by ChannelAdvisor.

Vast experience

ChannelAdvisor was established in the year 2001, when the concept of e-commerce was in its early stages and consumer preference on online websites was much lower. However, with the passage of time, e-commerce has revolutionized the way the world’s consumers prefer to get their products. And ChannelAdvisor has been witnessing the revolution all along, hence it is well equipped to give its clients the best support and advice regarding e-commerce ideas and provide the most accurate analytics to steer the company’s growth in the correct direction.


For nearly two decades, ChannelAdvisor has been providing consulting and marketing based services to online shopping platforms. It helps brands, retailers and online shopping portals to build meaningful and long lasting connections with its customers, which leads to better sales numbers, improved consumer trust, increase in marketing opportunities and ensures steady profits.

Company Information

Company Name: ChannelAdvisor

Founded In: 2001

Twitter ID: channeladvisor

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