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Chatter is an internal social networking platform for your employees, allowing you to collaborate all employee data in one place. It helps you to drive your business productivity, accelerate your business innovation, share your knowledge, and take action anywhere. It features Salesforce files, recommendations, mobile, groups, engagement, with two pricing options: Free and Chatter Plus.

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Chatter Quick Info

Chatter is a real-time collaboration application that lets your employees share data, communicate live, and work together. Chatter motivates, associates, and connects employees to work proficiently across the organization, regardless of job or area. Chatter lets employees team up on service cases, sales opportunities, projects, campaigns, and much more using the in-built application.

With Chatter, you don't have to search for data, individuals, or documents. Chatter utilizes your activity and interests to refresh the content on products, projects, or subjects and deliver it to your customized feed or home page. You can even use the feed post by someone to share with your co-workers. You can add files, ask expert comments on the issues, and much more.

Enhance Productivity

Manage expense reports, update orders, create cases, and more all from the feed using Chatter. Connect data and documents to your internal systems to enhance effectiveness and remove human mistakes. Along with that, you can integrate 3rd party data and can get updates on your profile dashboard.

High Innovation

Using Chatter, you can structure all your conversations and activities. Make groups for any team events or any campaign. Share documents and files, videos, and even welcome clients directly from Chatter. You can also create a survey to know the opinion on recent trending topics within or outside the organization.

Rich Feeds

You can use feed for all your activities. Share documents, files, images, and more directly on feed. Indeed, even work together on marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, and invoice creation. Unlock and safely sync documents to any cell phone with Chatter.

Chatter will help drive profitability and increase effectiveness and modernization across departments. From marketing to sales, to the executives, your whole organization can utilize Chatter to break down communication boundaries and help your organization develop and succeed as a group.

Top Features

  • Social Business Process
  • Embedding Third-party Applications
  • Integrated Feeds
  • Custom Actions Creation
  • Third-party Data Integration
  • Customized Actions
  • Collaborative Mobile Apps
  • Monitoring Groups & Access
  • Feedback Loop Creation
  • Top Performers Recognition
  • Shared Files Access
  • Private Discussions
  • Search & Public Posts
  • Polls Creation
  • Rich Feeds
  • New Topics Creation
  • Recommended Group Connection
  • Feeds Personalization
  • Salesforce Files Integration
  • Files Synchronization
  • Secured File Storage

Company Information

Company Name:, inc

Founded In: 1999

Address: 1 Market, San Francisco, CA, USA

Facebook ID: Chatter

Twitter ID: chatter


Ideal For
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Subscription
  • Cloud

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