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Check Advantage includes one of the widest selections of check designs and additionally offers the largest collection of accessories. Guaranteed security is also assured by the company.


Check Advantage

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Pros: Offers original and unique designs created by licensed artists. The service is speedy, affordable and convenient. Offers all sorts of checks with guaranteed security and includes all check accessories.
Cons: Sometimes cartoon lovers feel disappointed with check advantage as there are not as many popular cartoon character checks available as with its competitors.

Check Advantage is a leading check printing services of business & personal checks since 2001. The company is located in the Midwestern town of De Pere, Wisconsin and it fulfills your all sorts of check requirements either laser checks or 3 on a page manual check. The company also offers you useful check accessories in the most lucrative manner. Check Advantage includes such a variety of unique designs created by different licensed artists that you will not find with its competitors. Different categories of these designs are nature, art, emotions and along with all this Check Advantage offers impressive security features too.  The guaranteed security system lets you stay safe against any sort of check fraud.  Prices of checks vary with different designs yet they suit your pocket.

Personal Checks

With Check Advantages you can get a personal check that suits your unique personality as they include a wide variety of designs such as american checks, animal checks, classic checks, and so many more along with different logos, colours, custom fonts and security features. So if you are looking for a personal check that reflects your personality, then collection of Check Advantages is quite apt for you as there you can just select the categories that suit your interest. The company has its own artists and photographers who design these checks and hence getting these designs with any other competitor is impossible as they are 100% original. The company also provides you top notch customer services that make their working so friendly.

Business Checks

Check Advantage is also leading in the business check market as so many companies place their order for online business checks from the company. These business checks work with all the different major accounting software like quicken, quickbooks, peachtree, or great plains. If you want any particular style then that will also be fulfilled by Check Advantages as they include styles from payable & payroll to voucher & multi-purpose checks. The laser checks are available in 12 different colors and manual version is available in four different styles. Different products related to business checks offered by Check Advantage are laser checks, manual checks along with different logos, colors, custom fonts, in-plant rush and guaranteed security features on every check they print.

Address Labels

Different address labels provided by Check Advantage are greatly beneficial as they can save a lot of time for you and hence can let you stay free from the headaches and hassles of writing return address and all. Check Advantage’s address labels are perfectly printed on a glossy stock that further includes a convenient self-adhesive backing. Hence it is guaranteed that there will be no messy licking with them. You only need to peel and place your labels on anything that you stick in the mailbox. There are such a wide variety of designs and styles also available like americana address labels, animal address labels, classic address labels, and so on. With the help of such a wide variety of designs you can give your personal touch to your check in the easiest manner.

Checkbook Covers

To cover your checks either personal or business, Check Advantage offers you a wide variety of checkbook covers. They offer three styles of the black leather checkbook covers and additionally there is availability of nine colorful choices in vinyl. Check Advantage is amongst the few of companies where you can easily find 7-ring binders for your manual business checks. They also let you have a sleek cover for the desktop checks. With Check Advantage you can also get Custom checkbook covers that will perfectly suit your originality. There are hundreds of unique designs available that can match your interests and unique touch. Different popular checkbook covers are americana, standard, close to Home, and so many more.


Check Advantage includes a wide array of check styles and related accessories for the personal and small business checks. The company also provides you the security features that meet all the CPSA requirements which include special paper, design and special ink. For offering guaranteed security features like microprint technology along with your privacy guarantee are also included by Check Advantage. The company also offers a satisfying customer service and hence it is quite easy to contact the authentic company representatives if you need any sort of help. Therefore the services of Check Advantage have lots of pluses and if next time you are ready to order checks then you can quite conveniently place orders of your check for large collection of checks of Check Advantage.

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