CheckThem is a online background check platform, They are offering accurate and detailed background checks and screening solutions. The platform can be used for both personal and any business requirement. The huge database allows individuals to search through millions of reports, and also to obtain big collections of public records. These includes various criminal records, court data, property related records, marriage and divorce records and more. The people search engine is also very user-friendly, straightforward and helps people find useful information, including full name search, address and phone records, ZIP history, social media profiles, and much more. Users can dig into anyone's history by running a background check such as neighbors, their relatives, long-lost friends, partners, employees, possible sex offenders, etc.

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CheckThem Quick Info

Checking details online is perhaps the simplest approach to find data about anything you needed to know. But when it comes to finding personal information, then it’s tough. No website provides personal details with ease. But Checkthem does so. They provide personal data about the people, including criminal offenses, telephone numbers, marriage details, property information, and substantially more.

Users have the option to set the filters based on state and get the required details. Once the filter is set, type in the first and last names of the individual, and you will have all the information.  Checkthem will run the best search algorithm to gather all the data from different sources.

Background Service

Either you want to protect your loved ones from a criminal or want to check the marriage status of an individual, checking backgrounds can help. Checkthem will help you to find the history of an individual, including criminal records, police cases, sex offenses, and much more.

Easy to Use

Checkthem website is very easy to use. You need to browse the site and enter the first and last name of the individual you are looking for. Click on the search once you select the state, and that’s all. The extraordinarily created calculation will locate the matching cases and provides the details.

Detail Information

When you register as a paid user with Checkthem, you will promptly gain access to their addresses, telephone numbers, criminal records, proficient confirmations, licenses, marriage records, divorce details, property evaluations, court records, and much more. Paid service charges are very reasonable, which one can easily afford.

Checkthem has all the features you need to search the personal details of an individual. It has all the capabilities to help you in finding the complete information of an individual or property based on your queries. Browse the website for more details.

Top Features

  • Find People
  • Public Records
  • Full Name Search
  • Birth Certificates
  • Address History Search
  • Crime Records
  • Police Arrest Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Driving License History
  • Lawsuits History
Property Search
  • Property Details
  • Previous Ownership Records
  • Location Data
  • Resident History
  • Sale Records
  • Neighbours Records
  • Land Valuations
  • Satellite Images
  • Mortgage History

Company Information

Company Name:

Address: 861 Sixth Avenue Suite 310, San Diego, CA, USA

Facebook ID: checkthemcom

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