Cloud Email Security

By: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Cloud Email Security provides cost-effective email protection with high uptime through multiple data centers. The service encompasses important features including software, computing ability, and support. It provides flexibility to the admin through comprehensive reporting and message tracking. Email security features spam protection, data loss prevention, virus defense, email authentication, and tracking and reporting features. It uses multiple methods to block threats and deliver only legitimate messages, enabling businesses to strengthen its defense by incorporating proactive and remedial measures.

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  • Desktop Email Encryption
  • Protonmail
  • TrendMicro Email Encryption
  • Sophos Email Gateway
  • Mimecast Secure Email
  • CipherPost Pro
  • LuxSci Email Security
  • Proofpoint Essentials
  • Virtru
  • Entrust Email Security
  • Zarafa S/MIME
  • HP SecureMail
  • Vircom Email Security
  • DataMotion SecureMail
  • Sendinc

Cloud Email Security

15 Alternatives

Top Cloud Email Security Alternatives

Top Features

  • Reliable Email Encryption
  • Seamless User Authentication
  • Enhanced Email Control
  • Secured Messaging
  • Guaranteed Message Recall
  • Forward & Reply Control
  • Message Expiration
  • Desktop Plugins
  • Mobile Application
  • Controlled Access
  • Access Protection
  • Security Image Analysis
  • Transport Layer Security
  • Mail Extension Encryption
  • Managing Graymail
  • Tracking Web Interaction
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Integrated Message-level Encryption
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Antispam Filtering
  • File Reputation & Analysis
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Filtering Email Contents
  • Anti-phishing Protection

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