Club OS

By: Technique Software, Inc.

Club OS is a complete management software and marketing tool for health clubs, gyms and fitness businesses. The application allows fitness clubs to regulate their business activities online and decrease the costs of operations. The software has been designed with the aim to increase business revenue, employee performance and user experience altogether. Your Club OS account gives you access to the complete management of your business and activities.

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Club OS

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Club OS Quick Info

Club OS is a software solution provided by the company, which is also named as Club OS. It is used by Gyms and Fitness studios to grow their fitness business. Found in 2011, Club OS has been used by many top Gym chains such as Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, Orange Theory Fitness, Retro Fitness, and Charter Fitness, and all of them have had positive experience using it.


Club OS has numerous unique features that help gyms and fitness grow their business at a considerable pace. These features include –

  • Lead Acquisition: Get the contact information of any potential customer whoever searched about gym services by using Club OS. It also gets information regarding which customers checked your Facebook or any other Social Media Ads. After getting the contact info, the club can send one day code or special guest referral to users to come and try services for free for a limited time.
  • Automated Follow-ups: App makes sure that the potential clients stay connected to the gym by sending them regular emails and also lets the sales team knows which prospects can be targeted to avail premium services, or whom to call and message more to pursue the services.
  • Scheduling, Text Messaging, and Email Marketing: Club OS allows gym owners and trainers to create schedules in advance, which reduces administrative workload from staff and makes everything clear at the customer end as well.

It also helps in connecting gyms to their prospective clients through text messaging, which triggers a faster response than mails almost every time.

Talking about Emails, Club OS provides an option to send emails by demographics so that organizations can send the right type of emails to clients of different age groups or preferences. 

Pricing and Conclusion

Club OS provides three types of packages depending on the scale of the organization. Packages are titled as – Single Location, Multiple Location, and Enterprise. The difference mainly lies in user customization features like dedicated account manager or regional access etc.

Club OS is a must-have software for gyms because the features provided are top-notch, and it has every tool that’s needed for a gym to be successful. 

Top Features

Lead Generation
  • Automated Leads Creation
  • Capturing Liability Waivers
  • Feed Marketing Leads
  • Referral Programs Implementation
  • Delivering Leads
  • Tracking Prospects & Membership
  • Automated Follow-up Tasks
  • Targeting Re-sign Opportunities
  • Unique Scripts Creation
  • Text & Email Notification
  • Capturing Emails & Messages
Email Marketing
  • Sending Automated Email
  • Filtering Interest & Demographics
  • Email Content Customization
  • Email Messaging Personalization
  • Analyzing Email Campaign
Business Intelligence
  • Business Data Reporting
  • Real-time Statistics
  • KPIs Customization
  • Setup Goals
  • Tracking Returns
  • Scheduling & Controlling Staffs
  • Sending Automated Reminders
  • Managing Calendar Events
  • Email Attendance
  • Event Notes
  • Schedules Syncronization
Fitness Tracking
  • Custom Workout Programs
  • Custom Nutritional Programs
  • Adding Fitness Goals
  • Tracking Client Progress
  • Log Foods & Exercise
  • Connecting Client Profiles
  • Email & Text Messages

Company Information

Company Name: Technique Software, Inc.

Founded In: 2011

Address: 1650 Arch Street Suite 1906, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Facebook ID: ClubOS1

Twitter ID: ClubOS