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ClubReady is a web based Fitness club/business management software that allows business owners to manage various club functions such as, member check-in, billing, profiles, payroll, schedule, performance, etc. from a single online account. Once you start using ClubReady, you need no longer to deal with any paperwork as the software automatically deals with all. It also lets you track and helps in improving the performance of your business.

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ClubReady Quick Info

Over the past few years, awareness with regard to fitness and well-being has seen a renewed focus. With diseases such as obesity creating various direct and indirect health risks, the importance of staying fit and healthy has been emphasized. This has led to an increase in demand for fitness club memberships and gyms. As a consequence of the demand, new fitness clubs have mushroomed all around the world. These fitness clubs are proving to be a great way of staying fit and healthy.

The management problem

However, there is a prevalent problem with many of the fitness clubs around the world and that is with regard to the management. Initially, when the number of users is less, the fitness clubs function well. However, when the number of members starts to increase problems start to crop up in the management. This leads to problems for both the users as well as the club owners. Therefore, to make the club management more organized and deliver a seamless experience to the users regardless of the number of members, clubs around the world have started using ClubReady.

Member management features

ClubReady is a fitness club management platform that offers a range of features for efficient management of fitness clubs. The platform offers member interaction features which help the member connect with the club staff and address their concerns and doubts. It also provides a channel for the club to interact with the members and market their different service offerings. The platform also offers a dedicated mobile app for digital check-ins and attendance tracking. The app also consists of social plugins and these can be used to connect with fellow members on different social media networks.

Other management solutions

In addition to the member management solutions, the platform also provides other solutions such as staff management, lead and sales management, and payment management. The staff management solutions allow users to automate several day-to-day tasks related to staff management and assign them permissions and access control to the platform. Additionally, lead and sales management allows users to track and acquire new leads and drive conversions. The payment management solutions facilitate payment collection and reducing various payment-related hassles.

Top Features

  • Connecting Members
  • Managing Prospects
  • Customer Nutrition Logs
  • Scheduling Billings
  • Electronic Signed Contracts
  • Payroll Integration
  • Collecting Clients Payments
  • Multi-tude Fitness Tools
  • Scheduling & Canceling Sessions
  • Online Purchases
  • Client Portal Customization
  • Automated Drafting
  • Automated Account Updation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Point-of-Sale Terminals
  • Shifting Reconcilation
  • Sales Terminal Creation
  • Tracking Lead Sources
  • Prospects Engagement
  • SMS & Email Reminders
  • Standardized Sales Presentation
  • Managing Business & Members
  • Managing Multiple Locations
  • Managing Trainer & Instructors
  • Front Desk & Administration
  • iOS & Android Application

Company Information

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