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An ideal tool for bulk managing multiple sites under one roof with important features and functionalities that take care of all designing and security aspects for a consistent appearance


CMS Commander

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Nowadays, Webmasters tend to manage multiple sites but it takes a lot of time. This is because they need to log on to each site individually for performing the vital tasks such as updates and installations. In case those sites are built and managed in WordPress, several management services allow managing countless sites through a single dashboard.

However, in case you have a few sites built using Wordpress; you can enjoy central management for boosted productivity. CMS Commander proves to be the most useful management service with variety of advanced features. This site management tool allows managing sites created using central dashboard.

Apart from offering basic features for installing and managing plugins and themes, this service offers a WYSIWYG editor that is more user-friendly. It also offers additional tools for SEO and bulk editing

The platform also comes with auto blogging solutions, advertizing options for monetizing your sites, site cloning ability, and bulk content generation from different sites for boosting your page’s popularity and rating. Security is also tight with Secure SSL connection and 2-factor authentication features.


There are eight premium, non-contractual plans on offer, each offering access to all features. This means no plan keeps you away from any professional feature or vital functionality, and that you can upgrade or cancel it anytime. While this is truly commendable, you enjoy it at the cost of number of sites restricted.

If you’re a webmaster with no more than 5 wordpress websites and don’t need any advanced features from CMSCommander, then they have a “Free Forever” plan as well. Altough you can manage multiple websites using CMSCommander, some features are not included in free plan. Some of these features includes Automatic backups, affiliate network & content integration, blog cloning, bulk editing content, bulk installing plugins, backlink tracking and copying settings.


Setup with CMSCommander is simple and quick. You first need to sign up for a plan or free account and then access your WordPress site dashboard where you proceed by installing and activating the CMS commander plugin. Second, in the CMS Commander dashboard, you can add your sites by adding the details of each in it. The task of adding sites consumes only a few minutes, the exact time being dependent on the number of sites to be added.


It is clean and neat! The dashboard allows viewing all comments, drafts, and updates for plugins and themes all at once or a few. It also facilitates optimizing the database from updates, taking backups, cloning sites, and accessing affiliate sources, post editor, users, configurations, bulk content, posts, and backups.

You are free to make any changes or updates, view full list of almost anything including posts and settings, install new themes and plugins, and use the options for as many of my sites.

Post Editor

This is the admirable aspect of CMS Commander, a user-friendly editor for creating and editing posts. It has a cool tool bar with editing features that are already present as options on the screen. It is admirable to have an option of adding a table. You can choose tags and categories as well, choose the post type such as page, custom post, and post, and specify the author and day on which the post should go live. This is amazing!

Sources and Options

You can add auto posts from several sources such as Vimeo, YouTube, Flipkart, Amazon, and even custom RSS feeds. Through sources and options, you can add all of them along with their individual settings. While many sources demand a sign up, others are simply free.

Bulk Content

This is another commendable feature where you will see the chosen sources. You can select a source, create content through the selected keywords, and post it to a few, all or just one site. This is handy for those who use ample of content from other sites.

In the Content area, you can find content on one of your sites, such as review, article, or a random post. You can create a list from all your sites for editing or deleting content at a single click.

Users and Configuration  

You can view, create, edit, and delete users on your sites directly from this service’s interface. It is also possible to create several users at once. Similarly, you can modify individual or bulk site settings or copy one site settings to another, which is easy to do even for the beginners.


CMS Commander offers a straightforward and comprehensive platform for saving time and effort while managing multiple websites. It is easy, affordable, and unique with some great features.

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