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Coggle is high-level mind mapping software used to build simple and complex mind maps to simplify complex things. It allows users to take interactive notes using images and text that can be shared with friends and colleagues for better understanding of a project or ideas. Coggle is available in multiple plans with different features designed to fulfill the needs of different types of users and applications.

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Coggle Quick Info

Many great inventions in the past were made by drawing diagrams representing relationships between different items. From our childhood, we have come to know that drawing is one of the several ways to unleash the inner creativity. With time, we age. New memories occupy the positions of old ones. With time, we begin to forget. However, several things remain the same way as they used to be once. We grow up and earn a decent degree. At work, we implement a lot of solutions to get our project completed in the shortest period.

Unleash the inner beast

After experiencing a lot of solutions out there in the market which claim of providing the best project collaboration experience, we have ultimately come down to what we once did in the past, which is drawing. We have found out that interactive sketches have the potential to gather people across different platforms. Customisable sketches are more engaging than ordinary ones. Having this in mind, we created a perfect project management solution with lots of customisable features. Jot down the ideas which come to the mind as soon as possible before they become hazy. Coggle has made creating sketches extremely simple.


Flow charts are used extensively in the designing of computer algorithms and decision trees. They are a simple and intuitive way of interpreting different scenarios. There is no platform required to run Coggle. All that is required is a reliable internet connection. And that’s it. The notes will stay alongside a person every time he logs in with his account. One can ask his colleagues to assist him in solving a question. Like Git, it records every change committed. One can add as many reference images he likes to give a proper form to the sketch.

An ending note

One can plot topics of indirect relevance to the existing sketch. One can reserve his imaginations to himself. For this purpose, Coggle offers a private space. Either share a plan with many friends or invite their contributions on a central plan to generate insights that matter. Who knows? What these might lead into?

Top Features

Core Features
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Unlimited Public Diagrams
  • Unlimited Image Uploading
  • Full Changes History
  • Markdown Supported
  • PDF & Image Downloading
  • Exporting Files
  • Importing Files
  • Comments & Chat
  • Embeddable Diagrams
  • Private Diagrams
  • Auto-arranging Branches
  • Shared Folders
  • Presentation Mode
  • High-res Image Uploading
  • Bulk Exporting
  • Managing Users & Data
  • Branded Diagrams

Company Information

Company Name: CoggleIt Limited

Founded In: 2013

Address: Cambridge, UK

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