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The Commercetools software offers the backend of trading applications via an HTTP API. The framework lets you construct whatever channels you require, from 'vintage' digital shops to phone-based applications, industry places, and so on, it leaves your digital shop to execute and host.

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commercetools Quick Info

Internet sales are about delivering well, providing quick and building trust to attract clients. To hold the moves ahead of many, online company owners are embracing the newest technology to appear before the consumers at their highest.

Commercetools app offers you the capabilities to easily scan and filter. Using NoSQL software, the API lets you build detailed product queries, navigation, and set up after quest. Furthermore, any changes made to the product page are instantly computed. With the integrated facet new tech you can improvise customer satisfaction and functionality with extended pursuit and navigation capabilities. 

Merchant center

Businesses need to effectively manage their most important data and procedures when keeping to the rising economic outlook. The merchant center is your perfect accompaniment to enable you to achieve this. The elegant user interface helps you to monitor all distribution platforms with product info, orders, and consumer information.

Additionally, the features include configuration forms and batch production, supports you to instantly complete your everyday job. Merchant Center gives you a fast, transparent, and detailed rundown of all networks of your revenue by the exchange rate. It provides easy access to all transactions without the requirement for an external program-whether generated in a website, a smartphone app, at a POS, or on an IoT computer. 

Product management

Integrated product information management allows companies to view all their inventory details-while the flexible design lets you handle also complicated collections in only a few taps. With Commercetools, you allow e-commerce apps anywhere – irrespective of whether you need to operate a web store, a smartphone app, a point-of-sale, or link post-site offerings such as voice assistants, chatbots, AR / VR programs or social networking platforms. The cart and order apps include everything from competitive costing, multi-currency, and delivery services as well as several discount variations. 

Cloud hosting services

Commercetools are supported as a high-rated, cloud-hosted application. We offer several releases a week, high-scalability cloud services at the world’s most advanced and safe cell sites, and several other services. Commercetools provides the most sophisticated e-commerce API. All you require to develop e-commerce apps and platforms are operated by our REST API.

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