ConceptDraw MINDMAP

By: CS Odessa LLC

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is mind mapping software used for planning, note taking, meeting management, and brainstorming ideas and processes. The software allows users to easily organize and manage ideas, create connections between data, and create mind maps based on the thought process. Other features and inbuilt tools include multiple modes, MS PowerPoint export, multiple presentation styles and formats, sharing, support for multiple inputs and outputs, and more.

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ConceptDraw MINDMAP

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Top Features

  • Sharing Map Content
  • Multiple Format Types
  • Output Creation
  • MS Office Compatible
  • Generating Text & Tables
  • Unlocking Informations
  • Updating Tasks
  • Status Communication
  • Writing Articles
  • Building Presentations
  • Generating Tasks List
  • Managing Excel Data
  • One-click Presentation Creation
  • Generating Slide Shows
  • Multiple Presentations
  • Slide Navigator Tool
  • Previewing Presentations
  • Map Parts Selection
  • Inputting External Data
  • One-click Input Capabilities
  • Managing & Communicating
  • Multiple Format Types
  • Gantt Chart
  • Task List
  • Resource List
  • Inputting Brainstorming

Company Information

Company Name: CS Odessa LLC

Founded In: 1993

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