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ContactPigeon is an eCommerce Marketing Platform that helps in making active customer engagement across various marketing channels and makes more profits. It offers outbound messages by which users can engage with clients through e-mail, text messages, and push. It also gives a new way to convert visitors to customers.

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ContactPigeon Quick Info

ContactPigeon also includes robust visitor identification methods for detecting visitors. It identifies all the known visitors, whether they have logged in or not for better targeting.

What makes ContactPigeon different?

It helps users to understand customer interaction by providing insights about the customer response to their messages across all channels. With the help of the predictive engine, users can get generated suggestions about their product for high-end sales based on customer interest. ContactPigeon offers data-driven targeting, which helps to create and improve consumer profiles with their activities, interactions to campaigns, and e-commerce records. Users can achieve flawless segmentations by merging consumer’s history across various devices and channels in an individual profile.

Built-in eCommerce Automation Methods

ContactPigeon offers predefined eCommerce automation methods that help to encourage business growth within minutes. It provides various guidelines that raise and turn visitors. The library contains more than a hundred pre-built templates for pop-ups, e-mails, and landing pages that help users to customize their products and brands. Immediate expert opinions always stand up to support users and their colleagues with better ideas and implementations.

Advanced Automation

With the advanced automation features, ContactPigeon enables users to get, adapt, and maintain customers. While using ContactPigeon, users are not bound to gather, store, and arrange consumer data or information in a 360-degree profile. It provides analytics, e-Commerce history, product preferences, and more to convey interactions with customers. The powerful segmentation feature of ContactPigeon defines and collects the consumer base in a well-organized manner. It also provides flexible methods for determining segmented consumer profiles. Users can create segments using If and Or logics. These segments get updated regularly to provide up-to-date contacts for the next campaigns.

Users can also access ready-made segmentation profiles based on e-Commerce operations like inactive customers, regular buyers, and top senders. It provides segments running within minutes. ContactPigeon offers triggers that group customers based on particular procedures such as signing up to a list, addition of products to cart, and rewards. ContactPigeon also offers sync with customized viewers effortlessly on FaceBook based on visitor’s activities that can engage them with the relevant content about your product.

Company Information

Company Name: ContactPigeon

Founded In: 2014

Twitter ID: ContactPigeon

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