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ContentCal is a Social Media Marketing software which effectively helps our businesses to grow. This software helps us efficiently plan and execute our content and it even helps publish the work done. We can even analyse the performance and also freely respond to all queries in a very effective manner. It is a very essential software to help improve marketing strategies.

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ContentCal Quick Info

Every business needs to plan and strategize its marketing processes effectively with the use of software which helps optimize. A few companies very evidently do not employ such software and the outputs aren’t very effective. ContentCal provides essential tools and services which are essential for any business to improvise their marketing.


The best software available


The software provides various tools which we can integrate to help our teams create new strategies. All posts can be forwarded with single or even multiple reviews. The calendar which is provided can be used to effectively plan our work. The software also provides clear previews which give an outline on how the post will be displayed. The drafts can be used to obtain feedback even before the posts are published. The notebook feature can be used to store our ideas and tasks. It is even possible to set the publish time which ensures consistency.


Essential tools and services


The software allows us to forward our posts to a large number of other applications. It is also easy to filter and sort the content which is required along with the customized view. All posts are checked for grammatical errors using Grammarly tool and the outcome is free of mistakes. We can also tag various contents based on their theme or by any other category. All commonly used hash-tags and other phrases can be saved as a snippet for easy access. These features are very essential to create proper posts and increase our reach in various social media.


Optimize and Implement


ContentCal helps us to select the best-performing posts and content and report them efficiently. The Overview option can be used to analyse the performance on various social platforms. The charts and graphs are very essential tools which are used to display and analyse key information on performance. The powerful analytics tools help show the best-performing media and other posts too.


The software also makes it easy to track the growth of followers on all platforms and also helps compare the results. Thus, the powerful tools and features provided by ContentCal are very essential for any business to reduce the expenses and increase profitability.

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Founded In: 2015

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