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Countly is a mobile analytics platform that allows you to get deeper insights about your mobile marketing performance. It features real-time dashboard, mobile app and game analytics, SDKs, plugins, user profile information, event timeline, track funnels progress, user categorization, session durations, white label, and more. There are three pricing options available: Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Countly also offers a push notification service that helps its users to retain users, increase loyalty and satisfy subscribers with push messages. It also lets their users re-engage with their users anytime, anytime with push services. The tightly integrated analytics features of Countly give the clients a complete view of app behavior when users receive push notifications. It also offers services for well-known mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

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Countly Quick Info

In order to drive a successful company, you need to offer services that can satisfy the needs of customers to the maximum possible extent. In order to do so, you need to remove the masks which hide their faces. Understanding your customers on an individual level will help you to understand metrics and trends, which you can consequently incorporate into your products and services. This helps you in creating products that are more customer-oriented. However, this is not an easy task as it may sound. There are billions of untapped datapoints, which needs to be analysed in detail. It is in such scenarios where Countly comes to play.

Robust product analytics

It does not matter whether your app is hosted on the web or in one of the most common devices which people regularly use, Countly can efficiently keep track of your customer journey across all platforms. The results of the analysis test are hosted on the web which ensures maximum security to them. A successful analysis of data is bound to raise up the growth rate of your business. It can be installed either in your own systems or in the cloud, giving you the highest authority to access and interpret the raw as well as the analytical data attained. 

Enhance your customer journey

Countly lets you have a detailed overview of how your app is used by your customers. This helps you in identifying trends and in defining metrics which will lead to enhanced customer engagements and ultimately in the generation of new leads. Countly lets you detect even the smallest loophole in your business, and thus helps you to avoid catastrophes before it becomes too late. Countly provides an endless list of plugins that easily integrate with your business platforms and helps you to collect raw data from a wide variety of sources.

Top Features

  • Single Dashboard Reporting
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Multiple Reports Metrics
  • Mobile App Analytics
  • In-app Purchase Data
  • Mobile Games Analytics
  • Several SDKs Supported
  • Enhanced & Extended Plugins
  • Session & Event Timeline
  • User Profile Information
  • Tracking Funnel Progress
  • Retention Engagement
  • Merging Segmentation
  • Automated Push Notifications
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Sessions-based User Categorization
  • Queries Creation
  • Re-engaging Users
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Conversation Funnel Analysis
  • User Retention & Satisfaction
  • Scheduling Delivery
  • iOS & Android Application

Company Information

Company Name: Countly

Founded In: 2013

Address: 4-5 Bonhill St, London, UK

Facebook ID: Countly

Twitter ID: gocountly

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