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Crashlytics is a crash reporting solution designed for iOS and Android developers. It features various tracking parameters, including daily active users, top builds, daily new users, sessions per active users, monthly active users, sessions, retention, active users right now, percent crash-free users, and more. It offers three products: crash reporting, beta distribution, and mobile analytics.

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15 Alternatives

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Crashlytics Quick Info

System crashes lead to a lot of losses for the organizations. One of those losses is the loss of data. Data in today’s times is a very precious asset and losing it might lead to catastrophic circumstances for the organizations. As high 70% of the organizations are never able to recover after a data loss incident. Around the world, there are numerous examples of small businesses shutting down because of data loss. Therefore, it becomes very important to use tools that help detect system irregularities and prevent crashes.

What is Crashlytics?

Crashlytics is one of the tools used to detect and prevent possible system failures and crashes. It helps fix stability issues quickly. Mobile apps make for a good chunk of the overall traffic and thus are considered as an important medium, by businesses. The tool offers features that help users track issues, prioritize and fix them to ensure minimum incidents of a crash. The other prominent feature of the tool is smart assistance. This feature provides user with the details of the crash.

The intelligence features

The various details pertaining to the crash such as issues that led to the crash, insights based on historical data of crashes and the reasons that led to a crash, are given by the tool. Additionally, the tool also lets users know about impending issues that might lead to a crash. An interesting case study concerning the use of the tool is the Doodle case study. Doodle is an app that lets users find a suitable time and date to meet people.

The Doodle case study

When they decided to redesign their app, they first used Crashlytics to understand the pain points in their current version. This not only helped them build a better version but also increased the number of active users on their platform by 15%. Apart from Crashlytics, Firebase also offers other useful tools such as Performance Monitoring, Test Lab, and App Distribution. These apps have helped entertainment platforms like Hotstar improve user experience on their apps.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Instant Visibility
  • Understanding Audience
  • Understanding Events
  • Tracking Apps
  • Attributes Recommendations
  • Crashlytics Integration
  • Twitter Growth
  • Cutting-edge Architecture
  • Negligible Network Impact
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Privacy Policy Agnostic
  • Multiple Organizations Supported
  • In-app Updates Notifications
  • Monitoring Tester Lifecycle
  • Total Visibility
  • Android & iOS SDK
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Real-time Reports

Company Information

Company Name: Crashlytics, Inc

Founded In: 2011

Address: One Kendall Square Suite B3201, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Facebook ID: crashlytics

Twitter ID: crashlytics

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