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Datadog provides infrastructure monitoring software that allows you to see your application performance in one place. It features SaaS and cloud platform, monitoring and instrumentation, bug tracking, source control, automation tools, alert notification for any metrics, and more. The real-time dashboard offers real-time graphs, data report by category, view customization, and rate and ratio computations.

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Datadog Quick Info

Datadog, as the name shows, is a data sniffing(monitoring) service, used mostly for cloud-based applications; their servers, databank, tools, and services, using SaaS platform. In short, it is a data analytics tool. Launched since 2010 from New York, it now has over 1000+ employees, working to provide end-to-end analytics and metrics. It has received trendy nomination over sites like Forbes’ Cloud, Crain’s, Wealthfront, and Business Insider.

The core features provided by Datadog are Infrastructure, Log Management, APM, Network, Synthetics, and Real User Monitoring. It uses a Golang based agent to provide these services. It has been integrated with popular cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon, AWS, Google, etc., and now houses over 300+ integrations.

Datadog Infrastructure

It grants core data collections with a centralized panel to assess systems, servers, metrics, and multiple integrations. It offers a machine learning alert system and real-time process monitoring too. It also covers SSO with SAML, automated insights, anomaly detection, serverless containers, and full data retention.

Datadog Log Management

Log Management records the entire data with adjustable retention. It supports unlimited data sources, unlimited user account data, in-depth search tool, Data Processing/Parsing, Log pattern analytics, and Dynamic Index Routing. It uses Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Storage for archiving and Log Rehydration.

Datadog APM and Network

Application Performance Management or APM service by Datadog helps tracing across various hosts, containers, and services. The centralized panel displays details for latency, errors, Apdex, and database queries. Applications in languages like Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc. are supported.

It has several metadata assessment, app analytics, and automated alerting system. The Network services of Datadog enlists traffic mapping, cloud coverage, traffic tracking, aggregation, automated tagging, and offer the AZ traffic analysis. This service starts with cheap $5 plans.

Datadog Synthetics and Real User Monitoring

Datadog’s Synthetic service uses a synthetic environment to test various apps and products. It uses simulation tools for checking user requests, site uptime, latency, tracking SLA and SLO, etc. It offers a web recorder, self-maintaining test, waterfall visualization, and uses real-time alerts for any discrepancies.

RUM is a performance overview service that comes with a centralized section displaying individual usage stats. It collects various data on the users point like load time, view counts, severe errors, frontend errors, and other users interaction data.

Datadog truly offers a full package of application monitoring and analytics for individuals and businesses. Forrester Wave has nominated it as best in Intelligent Application and Service Monitoring, which is truly deserved.

Top Features

Dashboard & Correlation
  • Real-time Interactive Dashboard
  • High-resolution Metrics & Events
  • Real-time Graphs
  • Compute Rates & Ratio
  • Dashboard Views Customization
  • Overlay Metrics & Events
  • Correlate Root Cause
  • Relevant Configuration Updates
  • Scheduled Jobs
Collaboration & Alerts
  • Issues In-context Discussion
  • Production Data
  • Annotate Changes
  • Team Notification
  • VIewing Alerts Responses
  • Team Visibility
  • Receiving Alerts
  • Email & PagerDuty Notifications
  • Mute Alerts
Integration & API
  • SaaS & Cloud Integration
  • Automation Tools Integration
  • Monitoring & Instrumentation
  • Source Control Integration
  • Bug Tracking Integration
  • Database & Server Components
  • Full API Access
  • Capturing Events & Metrics
  • Restful HTTP API

Company Information

Company Name: Datadog, Inc

Founded In: 2010

Address: 286 5th Avenue 12th floor, New York, NY, USA

Facebook ID: Datadog

Twitter ID: datadoghq