Deadline Funnel

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Deadline Funnel is a marketing strategy that helps marketers persuading more people to become their customers. It sends the marketing messages to the customers at the correct time and hence drives in conversions. It integrates with your email apps and websites that you use for business and brings the customers in.

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Deadline Funnel

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Deadline Funnel Quick Info

Digital marketing has become a boon to businesses all over the world. The power of campaigning and advertisements has led to more brand awareness and conversions. Different strategies are used to perform the marketing process. Deadline Funnel provides you with the marketing strategy that enables you to get more customers.

Evergreen Campaigns

The campaigns created here give the users their own deadline as subscribers. It enables you to set up the campaign in such a way that the users get seven days to access the offer from the time they opt-in for it. It has a feature called Deadline fingerprint that tracks the subscriber throughout the marketing funnel and across multiple devices. This will restrict their access to your page as soon as the deadline expires irrespective of the various devices they use to view.

Deadline Funnel features for the website and emails

It enables you to add countdown timers on your landing page and emails. Different styles and timers are available with Deadline Funnel that follows the user when he is scrolling your page. It gives you the option of adding multiple pages to the Deadline Funnel campaign. All of them will show the same deadline to the user. It allows you to add unique text in the deadline shown in the emails for every single user.

Deadline Funnel Integrations

It integrates with the ConvertKit and helps in boosting the sales for their marketing campaigns by automatically assigning deadlines to their customers. It integrates with some e-commerce websites and automates the deadline assigning process, in turn, leading to an expansion in sales.


You can connect the email sequence to Deadline Funnel and provide each user to receive a special offer along with unique deadline text. This brings an increase in the rate of getting conversions. Automated webinars can be connected to Deadline Funnel so that each attendee gets a special offer with a deadline mentioned to it. If anyone subscribes to your page, then you can provide them with a special introductory offer of some days. You can also send special offers for the first X buyers.

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